How Our Kratom Supplements Are Made

Kratom can be grown in many environments, but it is best grown in warm, humid climates. That is why we source kratom directly from Indonesian farms, where conditions are optimal for the cultivation of healthy, top-quality kratom plants. Once kratom leaves have reached maturity, they are hand-picked by these farmers to make sure we are only using the best leaves from the healthiest plants. This process also ensures that the alkaloid content in our extracts remains strong. After the leaves are picked, they undergo a drying process, and then they are grounded into a fine powdered-like consistency.

Kratom leaf
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The PUR Difference

In addition to our all-natural cultivation process, we also take pride in our manufacturing methods, which help us provide the highest-quality kratom products on the market today. Our imported, hand-picked kratom, along with our premium manufacturing practices, have helped to position us as the #1 choice for kratom in the United States.

If you are looking for the purest kratom supplements not cut with other ingredients, then you are in the right place. We are strongly committed to your utmost customer satisfaction by providing the best quality kratom products you can trust.

some of the features that make us the undisputed leader in the industry:

  • AKA’s GMP programs iconAKA’s GMP programs
  • 24/7 customer service icon24/7 customer service
  • Lab-tested products iconLab-tested products
  • Long-standing relationships with growers and manufacturers iconLong-standing relationships with growers and manufacturers
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How to Get Started with Kratom

Due to its versatility and familiar consumption methods, choosing the right kratom products for your needs and integrating it into your daily routine can be quite easy.

There are plenty of Kratom recipes one can try with kratom powders. You can make a chocolate kratom milkshake to mask the taste or mix kratom in teas for a calming late-night brew. To hide the bitter taste, simply add a sweetener like agave or honey.

Alternatively, if you are entirely new to kratom, capsules gummies may be the best choice. Kratom capsules and gummies provide more precise dosing and do a better job at hiding its taste.

If you are new to kratom, it is recommended that you start small and build up your tolerance. It is usually recommended to start at 2-3 grams.

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