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:heart:️ Gold Vein

I love taking the gold vein. It gives me energy through the day and makes me feel more alert, happy and clear minded. It’s amazing and I sometimes mix it with the Green Maeng Da for any pain relief! It really works well for my joint pain!

Definitely good for a burst

Definitely good for a burst of energy and also assists with focusing.

Stop any pain!

Amazing for pain relief. I suffered for years from stage 4 endometriosis and Kratom was the one thing that got me through it. All the regular medications weren’t working long term but, I could take Kratom with any of them and not worry about any interactions. With the Kratom it made my life more bar-able! I have had surgery for my endo and now I use the Kratom for any left over scar pain or joint’s a God sent! :heart:️

This strain gave me such

This strain gave me such a calm and long lasting energy. I will be purchasing again!!

Good for energy and pain.

Good for energy and pain. I use it as a backup to my normal when I need an energy boost.

Yellow Kratom powder, my all time favorite

I have been using Kratom now for about 5 years. I have tried every strain of Kratom available My favorite strain for the last three years, has been the Yellow. I enjoy this particular strain (yellow) because it fits so nicely into my bust work schedule, which typically involves 12 hour days. I put a teaspoon of yellow kratom into two cups of coffee in the morning (1/2 teaspoon per cup). The Yellow kratom enhances the stimulating effect of the coffee's caffeine. I also bring some Yellow capsules to work with me. I either swallow the capsules whole ,or I break them up and drop them into my coffee. Bottom line. kratom Yellow is a great companion for people at work, especially folks that have to work long hours. The Yellow Kratom supplies a "healthy" dose of energy, which is super good when working a long day. Try the Yellow, dude. It won't disappoint. ..

Gold Vein is one of

Gold Vein is one of my favorite strains. Replaced my tramadol with Kratom. I use this when having to work. Provides quick relief without making me overly tired or amping me up.

Great for pain

I use this for pain control and sleep. It works well for that purpose. It doesn't make me groggy the next day which is a good thing. I have chronic pain, but work full time.

Great balance for multiple benefits!

I’ve tried a few different strains, and I believe that I’ve found a winner with White Maeng Da! I found this strain to help me in multiple ways. It helps ease chronic pain, as well as improving my overall mood. Combine these with a nice clean boost of energy, and I’ve found that I’m now more motivated and successful at tackling my daily workload!

Good for annxiety!

Good for annxiety!

Excellent product

Very high quality product and PurKratom is one of the fastest shippers in the business as usual!

Great product for pain reduction

Great product for pain reduction and mood elevation.

Service is good. Post office

Service is good. Post office takes too long to deliver though.

Red Maeng Da

Nice product. Calming effect, lowers anxiety. Quickly shipped, nicely packaged. Quality product

I've been a customer of

I've been a customer of PurKratom for years. Not only do they have the best product with the best deals, they also have great customer service if you ever have any questions. When I first started taking kratom, I shopped around a little bit. Now I would never go anywhere else.

Stuff is always great

Stuff is always great


I'm still trying the different varieties to find the best ones for me. Currently, the white and green maeng da varieties work best. I use red in the evening. Still balancing the amounts. Better than coffee! I mix mine in the morning with orange juice and sip on it till noon or so. Hits the spot!

Great for pain relief and energy!

I use White Indo in the afternoon when my energy flags. It provides a quick energy boost and helps focus. It also kills the chronic pain I have for awhile.

Will buy again

Quality products

I was looking for something

I was looking for something to help me with my chronic back pain and depression without making me feel tired. This works. I have found if I take 2 capsules it eases the pain and I have a sense of well-being. If I take 3 capsules, I tend to feel more tired. I will definitely reorder this one.

This strain from Purkratom does

This strain from Purkratom does not upset my stomach. It helps with pain and relaxing.

Helps me wake up and

Helps me wake up and get through afternoon slump

Super green m.d.

Love it for clean energy

Love the product and delivery

Love the product and delivery is fast.

Could not be more happier

Could not be more happier with this product along with the Super GI that I purchased.

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