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Our Mission:
Why We Started PurKratom

When we first discovered the amazing benefits of natural kratom in 2012, it became immediately apparent that this plant had enormous potential. After years of research and learning more about kratom’s prominent role in traditional medicine, we founded PurKratom to offer people a better quality of life through safe and natural methods.

Our mission is simple: to provide the freshest, top-quality kratom sourced directly from the best kratom farms in the world. We source all our products from the same farmers in the region, meaning the top-shelf quality of our leaves and extracts remains consistent year-round.

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Quality and Transparency You Can Trust

100% Organic

All our kratom is obtained from 100% organically grown plants. There is a reason why we are called PurKratom—because we keep our products pure.

Sourced From Indonesia

Our kratom is grown by trusted farmers from Indonesia, where conditions are ideal for cultivation. In fact, kratom is native to Indonesia and its neighboring countries, and it is widely believed that the best kratom in the world grows in this region.

Following traditional farming processes, the leaves are hand-picked, dried under the sun, pulverized, and then directly shipped to our facilities in the U.S. All our kratom extracts go through rigorous quality testing at third-party laboratories to ensure they meet all safety and purity standards.

Our Team

As the country’s leading kratom retailer, we understand what it takes to remain the #1 choice among kratom users. We are passionate about making our products ethically and maintaining quality at every step of our process. Our top priority is always our customers’ trust, which is why our focus is on quality, freshness, fast shipping, and reliable and helpful customer service.

Committed to Our Customers

When you order kratom powder or kratom capsules from PurKratom, you are purchasing from a business that understands and is committed to meeting your needs.

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  • 100% Fresh Quality Kratom
  • 12000+ Customer Testimonials
  • Rated #1 Customer Service
  • Lab Tested for Safety and Purity
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All orders ship the same day if placed by 3 PM Eastern Time.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your kratom needs!

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