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Gold Vein Kratom Powder

Gold Vein Kratom Powder


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What is Gold Vein Kratom?

Borneo Gold Vein is sometimes known as Borneo Yellow Vein. It grows in the region Ketapang of West Kalimantan. It is the same Kratom which is otherwise known as Borneo Kratom. Similarly, the gold vein or sometimes known as the yellow vein is in reference to the golden brown veins of the kratom leaf.

The golden brown veins of this kratom strain occur naturally when the product is dried more than the green, red, and white strains. Giving the gold vein strains a more matured leaf to crush. The maturity of the Gold Vein gives it unique properties that some have said allows people to enjoy a mild mix of effects.

The Borneo leaves when get mature; they naturally change the color. The shade changes from light green to dark green with a golden hue. It is harvested at the time when a large amount of alkaloids are still in the leaf. Therefore the gold vein strains are known for their potency. In short, this amazing strain has tons of benefits to offer.

The Gold Vein Borneo carries all the benefits of Borneo kratom. Moreover, the particular process maturing the leaves to give it a golden hue allows the alkaloids to mature and retain its potency.

*Please consult with your health care practitioner prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. Keep out of the reach of children.*

* The information on this Web site, in emails, or in any other communication from us, is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your physician.*

Gold Vein Kratom


PurKratom is a trusted supplier of Kratom. We promise high quality class of Kratom. Capsules of premium strains are only available at few reliable vendors, and PurKratom is one of them. PurKratom offers only the highest quality kratom with a 30 day Money Back Guaranteed.
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  • Dustin
    Good stuff December 12, 2019

    It helps with pain relief and energy!!

  • Madeline
    Wonderful! November 30, 2019

    It definitely works in getting my achey body moving in the morning ( or any time) I grab it on my worst days, very reliable!

  • Britt
    Best strain November 28, 2019

    Amazingly potent and useful to help for focus and pain

  • Lisa
    Truly consistent November 25, 2019

    I think this Kratom is wonderful, but I also really like this company and this website. It's easy to browse, shop and ship what I want. I think one of the most unbelievable aspects of PurKratom is how super fast I get my order. I've been trusting and depending on this company for a while now. I'm glad I found them.

  • Madeline
    Gold vein kratom powder November 22, 2019

    My husband and I love this strain during the day..he was battling discomfort from a dental procedure but needed to be alert ..he loved it! I enjoy the chill feeling and helps my aches /pains. Plus!...so easy to order, I get emails & tracking absolutely awesome!

  • Lisa
    Consistent November 13, 2019

    Always, always reliable, love this Kratom

  • Nick
    Very energetic November 4, 2019

    Gave me energy

  • Britt
    The best type of kratom by far November 4, 2019

    I’ve tried all kinds of kratom including Red, White, and Green, from this site and other vendors but the Gold Vein from PurKratom by far has been the best. I’ve mostly stuck to green Maeng Da, but will now be sticking to strictly Gold. It’s super potent, It helps me focus, stay motivated, and helps my anxiety, as well as helps with pain relief. I’ve researched Gold kratom and several other vendors sell it for a much higher price. I recommend this strain to anyone who usually says kratom doesn’t work or they don’t feel the effects. Even the most skeptical friends of mine enjoyed this strain.

  • Nick
    Very energetic November 1, 2019

    I enjoyed both red and white

  • Nick
    Very energetic November 1, 2019

    I enjoyed both red and white

  • Christopher
    Energy October 21, 2019

    Good clean energy without the jitters

  • Christopher
    Clean energy October 7, 2019

    Good clean energy that I like to mix with a green or white strain

  • Savannah
    My favorite! August 28, 2019

    I’m a relative kratom newbie, but have tried a good variety. The product quality and customer service are always stellar. I have problems with panic attacks and social anxiety, and the Gold helps. My husband calls it “shiny, happy”.

  • Lisa
    Great products August 26, 2019

    The Kratom is always effective in helping my pain relief.

  • Savannah
    Shiny Happy! August 24, 2019

    I’m a relative kratom newbie, but have tried a bunch of all veins. This is without a doubt my favorite. At 5g, It energizes and motivates yet relaxes, then after about 4-5 hours, it’s sedating. I talked my husband into trying it and now he calls it “Shiny Happy”.
    I also cannot say enough good things about their customer service, a HUGE plus!

  • Ian
    White August 20, 2019

    This stuff is great. I get energy. No grogginess at a low dosage. I will certainly purchase this again.

  • Charles
    Krantom helps or back pain August 18, 2019

    I recently messed my back up and been using it for pain and relaxation it has helped tremendously.

  • Charles
    Krantom helps for back pain August 18, 2019

    I recently messed my back up and been using it for pain and relaxation it has helped tremendously.

  • Sam
    Taste is good August 17, 2019

    Tastes good. More of a sedative for me

  • david
    Gold Kratom Powder August 8, 2019

    Gold Kratom powder is one of my favorites. Typically, if Yellow Vein is not available, I will order the Gold Vein. Gold Vein Kratom gives you that energy feeling which goes great with long hours on the job. I usually place a teaspoon of Gold Kratom powder into my first cup of coffee in the morning. It gives me that added punch when combined with the caffeine. Gold Kratom powder is the vein you want for that mellow, stimulated feeling; that energetic feeling that sometimes you need on the job, on vacation or just dealing with the grandkids like I sometimes have to do. Gold Vein is great stuff, not as good as the Yellow VEIN (MY OPINION ONLY), but still pretty darned good

  • david
    Gold Vein is my GO TO choice August 1, 2019

    My favorite vein of Kratom is the Yellow Vein, however, when the Yellow is out of stock, I choose the Gold Vein. The Gold is perfect for people that work long hours or for people that travel a lot and need that little bit of an energy boost. The Gold vein is not as powerful as say the Green Maeng Da, Red Vein, Red Maeng Da or the Green Malay, however, it is perfect for the energy boost to start your day. I usually put a teaspoon of the powder in my first cup of coffee in the morning. It works great!!! Kratom and Coffee go together like corn flakes and milk. Perfect match.

  • Kristen
    Quick shipping July 21, 2019

    We were impressed by the speed of shipping :)

  • Arthur
    Helps my headache and knee pain June 18, 2019

    I enjoy the gold vein as a tea mixed with orange juice. It works well for my headaches. It puts me in a better mood too.

  • Teresa
    My favorite! June 17, 2019

    Gold vein has helped to calm me and to get great sleep. My chronic neck and back muscle spasms are markedly better using this strain to relax (I use a higher dose to get the calming effect). This is a great vendor with good customer service and a consistent, quality product. My only complaint is that the gold strain is never available in the Kg size. That would certainly help with the 'value' rating.

  • Seth
    So good June 16, 2019

    Seriously, awesome!!!

  • Lisa
    Superior Kratom June 13, 2019

    I've been ordering from PurKratom for a long time now. Their Kratom is excellent and the shipping is amazing. Great customer service.

  • Kenneth
    Great again June 13, 2019

    Mixed gold vein with super green Indio and was very happy with the result.

  • Xavier
    Gooood June 11, 2019


  • Marcus
    Good product June 10, 2019

    Very potent product works very well and a little goes a long ways

  • Thomas
    Consistenlly one of my top three June 9, 2019

    Great quality, always consistent, relaxing. Would recommend and will buy again.

  • Johnny
    Another favorite June 8, 2019

    This one is one of my favorites to blend with premium bali. Together, they make me feel great. Great flavor too

  • Mark
    Great product May 28, 2019

    I use this product for many reasons. Sleep, mood enhancer. Having chronic back pain as a result of a herniated disc is debilitating. This product really helps with my wellbeing. I think it Helps reduce the inflammation associated with my back problems. This product has changed my life.

  • Gregory
    My go to May 27, 2019

    My go to daily choice has been the gold strain for a while and this one is by far the best the cleanest a great aromatic energizing flavor!!! Great relief!

  • Lisa
    Excellent Maeng Da Kratom April 17, 2019

    I normally buy Green or Red Vein Maeng Da. Due to shortages, I purchased Gold Vein Powder and I'm happy to say it's just as good as my favorites.
    Also, I have said many good things about PurKratom and their products but I'm not sure I've noted how wonderful their customer service has always been. I NEVER pay for shipping and I ALWAYS get my order within about three days. The longest I had to wait was four days because the USPS had a mercury spill and had to shut down their sorting station. ONE time I was missing part of my order because PurKratom was going through some sort of change in their system. I had that item within two days of notifying them of the problem. I don't know how many Kratom companies there are now, I only know for certain that THIS company is outstanding

  • Lawrence
    Good stuff April 15, 2019

    Solid potency

  • Melanie
    Decent Product April 12, 2019

    The Gold is not bad. I prefer the White strains. But in a pinch the Gold works well.

  • Charles
    Best April 10, 2019

    Strongest I've used yet.

  • Zachary
    Great Starin! April 6, 2019

    As always a high quality product delivered in a timely manner!

  • Dean
    Great stuff March 28, 2019

    Helps relive the pain in my legs

  • Dean
    Taste good March 21, 2019

    Helps with pain and anxiety

  • David
    Nice and Calm March 4, 2019

    Upon experiencing some Radiculopathy and not getting any medication for aid, I turned to Kratom again and was pleased with both the anxiolytic and analgesic effects of this strain. More of a calm effect than I experienced from the super green maeng da, but still as enjoyable. Thanks!

  • Richard
    High quality March 3, 2019

    The Gold vein strain was of the highest quality and strength! Great product !

  • Keith
    Helps with Insomnia February 18, 2019

    Having tried about 6 different veins (mostly red), Gold Vein, for me, is the strongest and works the best. Strongest in that after I take 7 capsules, in about 1/2 an hour, I feel a definite wave of euphoric calmness. I take it to help fall asleep (taking it 3-4 hours before I get in bed). Not that I take it every night, but every 3-4 days. And every time I do, I have a much better night of sleep (I don't lay there for hours awake). This one works for me.

  • david
    Gold Vein is a Good Vein February 17, 2019

    I usually order Gold Vein every couple of months. I often alternate it (Gold) with Yellow Vein. Gold Vein is very similar to the Bali (Gold) Vein. Very mellow, relaxed and stimulating. Gold Vein is the perfect "Pick me up" when you have a long day of housework or a tough day on the job. It gives you ample energy to complete the task ahead.

  • Robert
    Awesome February 16, 2019

    Great for morning, good quality

  • david
    Gold is Great February 16, 2019

    I always buy the Gold Vein if the Yellow Vein is out of stock. I am looking for a Kratom blend that offers me that mellow, wired, energetic feeling without the caffeine jitters of coffee. The Gold Vein does not provide the power of a green or red vein, but it is vein you might be looking for if you want mellow

  • david
    Yellow Vein, My Favorite February 16, 2019

    The Yellow Vein of Kratom is my favorite. I work 12 hour shifts and I always bring a thermos of Yellow Vein Kratom tea to work with me. It provides the mellowest, stimulating, energetic feeling of all the Kratoms. Wonderful energy booster, especially during the last couple of hours of my shift

  • david
    Gold Kratom ,Very Decent Blend February 15, 2019

    I have used Gold Vein Kratom Powder on many occasion. Typically, the Yellow Vein is my favorite strain of Kratom, however, I will order a 4 once package of the Gold Vein every few of months. The Gold Vein Powder I compare to the Bali or to the White Maeng Da. The Gold is great for that really mellow, wired feeling. If you haven't tried the Gold, give it a shot, you wont be disappointed

  • Lawrence
    Potent February 13, 2019

    Nice and potent, especially since i have a high tolerance

  • D
    This is truly 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ September 28, 2018

    One of best Kratom strains I have tried for me. I put it in my hot green tea with ginseng and honey at mixes well and taste great. Give me a good boost in the morning with a relaxing and energetic step in my day. A perfect way to start your morning while feeling relaxed with less anxiety. Thank you. Kratom for helping me.

  • susan
    good mood stabilizer and sedating qualities June 10, 2018


  • susan
    3rd time I'm trying to get 15% off; only use first review please June 9, 2018

    good mood stabilizer and sedative qualities; smooth; not bitter

  • susan
    Great for mood and relaxation June 9, 2018

    Good price; fast delivery; smooth, less bitter than other strains.Has both mood stabilizer and sedative traits. I would purchase again. Good for beginners, those new to Kratom

  • Joshua
    Gold May 25, 2018

    This stuff is gold!!! Definitely some of the better kratom I have had. More of an evening strain, highly sedative, I would say. Couple downfalls of this site are, prices are a little high and they don't always have stuff in stock.

  • Joshua
    Gold May 25, 2018

    This stuff is gold!!! Definitely some of the better kratom I have had. More of an evening strain, highly sedative, I would say. Couple downfalls of this site are, prices are a little high and they don't always have stuff in stock.

  • Nick
    Very pleasant May 12, 2018

    This powder has a nice hue. The effect comes on very nicely and kept me on a serene but energetic plane for an extended time on each use. Highly recommend. Very nice packaging too.

  • Torrey
    Pretty Good April 5, 2018

    Not the energy i look for with Kratom, but if you're into sedation, this would be a good choice.

  • Thomas
    One of the best March 29, 2018

    Outstanding strain, very well rounded. Definitely one of my favorites. Great pain management along with good energy. PurKratom has continually delivered high quality goods.

  • Richard
    Great pruduct ! March 10, 2018

    I bought the 4oz. size of Gold Vein. About 5min. after taking a level teaspoon there was a nice surge of energy and a strong sense of well being that lasted at least 4hrs. Great product, will buy again !!

  • Richard
    Amazing properties! February 25, 2018

    I tried a couple of strains but the Gold Vein has amazing energy producing properties! I took the recommended dose on an empty stomach and literally minutes later I felt a surge of energy and a feeling of well being that lasted for about 4-5 hours. Great product !

  • Richard
    Amazing properties February 10, 2018

    I was looking for an energy strain and tried Gold Vein. I took the recommended dose and literally 10 minutes later I had a surge of energy and a feeling of well being that lasted for hours !

  • Diana
    Happy and relaxed! February 6, 2018

    I'm thrilled to have found the Tree of Life! Im a new customer to PurKratom, and would like to express my delight in the quality of your product. I purchased on a friday, early morning hours with hopes of receiving Sunday. Paying for the 2 day delivery. However the product did not arrive until Monday. Tracking showed my order was sent out very timely ( within hour of placing order) however USPS which does deliever priority on Sundays dropped the ball. I will not pay for speedy delivery again due to this issue. Thank you for a excellent product!

  • Lisa
    A great nights sleep February 5, 2018

    I take the Gold Vein before I go to bed for pain control and for sleep. I used to wake up many times throughout the night and now I no longer do that. I actually sleep through the night.

  • Veronica
    Will certainly try again February 3, 2018

    First time with this strain and didn't really know what to expect. For me it was a very relaxing stain. Almost to the point of sleepy. Maybe I took to much?? Usually I try a new strain on a day where I don't have to be at work or have something important to do but the day I tried this was probably the wrong day for a "trial". I enjoyed the aroma, I will try again.

  • Lisa
    Fantastic January 25, 2018

    I accidentally wrote my review on the capsules instead of here. This is so great. I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in 20 years!! I don’t sleep well at all. I constantly wake up all night and never feel rested in the morning. I used this last night and slept through the entire night! Amazing. I woke this morning actually feeling rested. Oh, I’m thrilled. I have severe back pain and hip pain. I was looking for an alternative to opiates. I’m fed up with all the side effects. This wasn’t quite as good knocking out my pain as the White Maeng Da but for night time it was wonderful. Buying again.

  • Austin
    Austin January 15, 2018

    A little pricey but definitely the best quality kratom ive ever had, so thats worth it to me, this is now my go to site for kratom. Very sedating and euphoric and mild pain Relief.

  • roseann
    My go to for pain n energy January 4, 2018

    Pleasantly surprised as hadnt tried the gold, took it on a bad day when no ohter strain was helping;: all I can say is ahhh! Nice aroma ,slow comeup, but, potent. Ordering again to have in my tool kit.

  • Stacey
    New fav December 14, 2017

    Great new one!

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