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    Your Complete Kratom Serving Guide

    If you’re new to kratom, you’re probably wondering what serving size you should be taking to achieve the maximum effect. Even if you’re not new to kratom, you might be wondering if the serving size you’re currently taking is safe. The following kratom guide will help you navigate any kratom servings questions you may have.  What Is Kratom? Kratom is a natural substance derived from a plant found in places like Malaysia and Thailand. Its leaves contain an ingredient called mitragynine. That ingredient can connect to receptor cells in the brain, much like what an opioid...
  • How to Enhance Your Kratom Experience With These Herbal Superfoods

    How to Enhance Your Kratom Experience With These Herbal Superfoods

    Kratom, a natural herb that grows in Southeast Asia and is used for its stimulant effects, has been hailed as the next best thing in wellness. However, many users have found that kratom can be enhanced with other herbs and nutrients to create an even more holistic experience. From turmeric to ginseng, these special herbs alone have the power to support a more complete wellness routine on their own. But when they are combined with kratom, they can create a natural synergistic effect that will elevate your natural wellness regimen and take it to a whole...

    The Facts About Kratom Alkaloids

    Kratom has quickly gained popularity for its potential wellness benefits. Kratom seems to be popping up in smoke shops and health stores alike. But are kratom alkaloids safe? Here is everything you need to know about kratom alkaloids. What is Kratom?  Kratom, sometimes known as kratem, is a natural substance derived from evergreen trees native to several Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand and Indonesia. The current scientific classification for the kratom tree is mitragyna speciosa, though the scientific community reclassified the plant several times. While kratom leaves have been used for centuries for ceremonial purposes, recent...

    Kratom Potentiators: What They Are and What to Know

    Whether you take kratom every other day, daily, or on an as needed basis, there are ways to get kratom potentiators to enhance the effectiveness of any strain you use. What is a Potentiator?  When it comes to kratom, a potentiator is something that increases its benefits. What exactly does that mean? It means there are certain substances that can work together to create a result that’s better than what would be achieved if it was taken alone.  There are several potentiate kratom pairings that can help bring out the best in any strain of kratom...
  • How to Take Kratom Powder

    How to Take Kratom Powder

    Kratom powder boasts a variety of benefits, including increased energy and a good mood. But, adding kratom powder to your daily meal plan can be a bit of a challenge.  Here is what you need to know about kratom powder and a few tips on adding kratom to your daily diet.  What Is Kratom? Kratom is derived from a tree that grows in parts of South Asia, including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand.  Several types of kratom have been identified to have unique properties, including green, red, and white kratom. The types of kratom have...
  • Kratom Facts and Myths Debunked

    Kratom Facts and Myths Debunked

    With the growth in popularity comes increased scrutiny and, unfortunately, some misinformation, especially when it comes to newer products like kratom. What You Need to Know About Kratom Kratom is derived from the leaf of the kratom tree, an evergreen plant native to Southeast Asia that grows wild there. It has been used for thousands of years in that region to help promote wellness, support energy, and improve mood. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular in the United States as a way to help with poor sleep quality and other common problems people face every day....
  • PurKratom Now Accepting Crypto Payments Through

    PurKratom Now Accepting Crypto Payments Through

    PurKratom is excited to announce that we are now accepting crypto as a form of payment! We are at the forefront of technology and want to make sure that we are providing our customers with the best quality kratom and making it convenient for them. To take advantage of this new payment method, all you have to do is go to, select your products, and then select as the form of payment. You will then be redirected to to complete your purchase securely using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. By choosing...

    The Best Kratom Strains to Help You Focus

    You’re probably heard that pure kratom powder has a variety of potential benefits, such as increased energy and improved mood. But did you know that kratom can also potentially help you focus? It may sound counterintuitive, but kratom users have reported that taking the substance has improved their focusing ability. Between work, school, and family responsibilities, a new energy source that can also help you focus sounds almost too good to be true. Here is what you need to know about kratom and which strain to take to help you focus.  What Is Kratom? Kratom powder...

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