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White Maeng Da Kratom

White Sumatra Kratom Capsules

White Sumatra Kratom Capsules


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Each bottle contains 50 capsules. Each capsule contains 500mg of White Sumatra Kratom Powder.

We have just added White Sumatra Kratom Made from mature leaves you can smell the jungles of Sumatra upon opening. One of the more interesting variants in the kratom crop, White Vein Sumatra kratom provides a number of effects, ranging from one experience to another. The strain is otherwise known as the “White Indo,” which is a shortened name for its host nation, Indonesia, where the Sumatra Island is located.

*Please consult with your health care practitioner prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. Keep out of the reach of children.*

* The information on this Web site, in emails, or in any other communication from us, is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your physician.*

White Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra is known to be one of the biggest islands on earth. It has the population of more than fifty million people and also has a huge crop plantation of Kratom. It is available in a lot of old forests and some have the strongest leaves, which means that the alkaloids present in them also are strong. In order to harvest the Sumatran Kratom, the Indonesian farmers still follow old traditions that their ancestors use. Consequently, this is one of the most demanded strains.

There are two faces of White Vein Sumatra divided by its dosage. Some consumers report White Vein Sumatra as a very sharp and energizing herb while others have reported it as a sedating herb. The question that comes to mind is that how can two different reports be about the same plant? The answer is very simple, it’s the dose. Just similar to other kratoms, dosage plays a huge role and how the body interacts and interprets the potent alkaloids.

PurKratom offers only the highest quality kratom with a 30 day Money Back Guaranteed.
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  • Natalie
    The best March 18, 2019

    Usually I prefer a White Maeng Da but I decided to branch out and was not disappointed ! I prefer powder over capsule but I just separated the capsules and poured the powder into a tea and it worked great. Will order again ! Thank you PurKratom for caring about quality and sharing this medicine with us.

  • Crystal
    Great! March 15, 2019

    This is a great strain that I’m new to.

  • Crystal
    Great! March 15, 2019

    This is my first time trying it, I definitely like the calming effect it has on me.

  • Stephen
    Good pain relief, not energetic, does not interfere with sleep March 14, 2019

    The White Sumatra (capsules) are equal to other varieties I've tried for pain relief due to traumatic nerve damage in my hip. I find it much less energetic than Red Bali or Yellow Vein.
    It doesn't interfere with sleep and it solves my "restless leg syndrome" problem.

  • Robert
    Great for Night! March 13, 2019

    This strain really helped to ease me into sleep, def reccomend for a great night sleep!

  • Joanna
    Excellent quality and service March 13, 2019

    I appreciate the prompt considerate customer service on these products. I also appreciate that their inventory is lab tested. This is my go to vendor for reliability and results.

  • Jacy
    Will buy this again for sure. March 11, 2019

    Super Green Maeng Da, Premium Bali and White Sumatra are all great. I think White Sumatra is my new fave. I'm a repeat customer and having migraines as often as I do, this definitely helps. This is my favorite so far. I've also found ordering from PurKratom is so much cheaper than going to a CBD/Kratom store in town and buying it.

  • Donna
    Great for focus and relaxing June 22, 2018

    One of my favorites for a calm focus.

  • Mikaila
    Great Strain June 7, 2018

    By far my favorite strain.

  • Mikaila
    Favorite! May 15, 2018

    By far my favorite strain available. Great anxiety and pain control.

  • Jeff
    Ordered this type for first time. May 14, 2018

    Very pleased with the product and quick delivery. Thanks

  • Darla R
    Game-changer May 8, 2018

    I started off using the powder (which is very very high quality, no problems with that), but decided to try the capsules just for convenience and a change. By the way, PurKratom's White Sumatra is the best quality I have found anywhere. This is my favorite strain because I like an energizing effect without any of the jitters that come from caffeine or other supplements. The capsules are a game changer! So easy to use, no taste (kratom- from any source- can be quite bitter) to have to mask, no countertop mess, no measuring, the benefits go on and on! I don't know if I will ever go back to the free powder; I am quite spoiled now....

  • Contessa
    GOOD May 8, 2018


  • Contessa
    great item May 8, 2018

    Great item - will be ordering again - see previous reviews for more detail.

  • Darla
    Energizing! April 24, 2018

    White Sumatra is my absolute favorite for long-lasting, caffeine-free, naturally sourced energy. I have never tried a better quality of this variety than PurKratom, and they are fast, efficient, and accurate with every order. I would recommend PurKratom before any other company/brand. The capsule format provides great convenience, although I do use the free powder and love it too. Keep up the good work!

  • Cheryl
    My go-to April 19, 2018

    I haven’t tried any other strains since I’ve found this one. Gives me that morning pick me up then keeps me going throughout the day. Improves energy, definitely my mood as well as my focus. Love this one!

  • Mark
    The best vein April 13, 2018

    My personal favorite. Great for pain. Very smooth, bust fast acting. Best of the white veins. Does not sedate or cause nausea and constipation like pharmaceutical poisons

  • Joy
    Great product April 9, 2018

    This product worked really well. Gave me relief from pain and a feeling of overall well-being.
    In the past I had only used the powder so the capsules were a very welcomed change!

  • chirsty
    Overall great product March 12, 2018

    I loved this product i wasn't too impressed with the price for how many you get, but overall it was a great product!

  • Nicoleta
    Chronic back pain March 7, 2018

    My hubby prefers better the White Maeng Da instead of this one, he said he gets some relief but doesn't last as long as the other one. For someone who suffers from chronic pain and was on the painkillers for years, Kratom is a life-saving. Thank you, Purkratom

  • Adam
    Good. March 6, 2018

    Good, not great for adhd. Works better than any caffeine supplement for sure.

  • Adam
    Good. March 6, 2018

    Good, not great for adhd. Works better than any caffeine supplement for sure.

  • Adam
    Good. March 6, 2018

    Good, not great for adhd. Works better than any caffeine supplement for sure.

  • Adam
    Good. March 6, 2018

    Good, not great for adhd. Works better than any caffeine supplement for sure.

  • Mark
    The best March 5, 2018

    I will.order a bunch more when card processor back up!!!

  • Randy
    Very nice! March 3, 2018

    White Sumatra gave me a pleasurable feeling for hours.

  • Bradford
    energizing March 2, 2018

    White Sumatra is very energizing and relaxing. very smooth sensation and great value. customer service is amazing. shipping is fast. recommend

  • Cheryl
    This is the one! March 2, 2018

    I’ve tried most of the different strains offered here.
    The white Sumatra is by far, my favorite. It gives me energy and focus throughout the day. I’m very happy to have found the one for me.

  • Robert
    Fast acting March 1, 2018

    This strain seems to be fast acting and lasts longer than most

  • Shannon
    Disappointed February 25, 2018

    I was unhappy because I ordered 7 bottles and only received 2 of them. I like your companies product but don’t know if I will order again if I can’t receive what I ordered.

    Admin: Hello Shannon, Thank you for your feedback! We greatly apologize for the missing items with your previous order. We looked up your order and will ship the missing items express. Once again we greatly apologize for the inconvenience.

  • natasha
    Excellent February 25, 2018

    Always buy this strand, will continue to. Helps me through my day and at work.

  • Laurie
    Great item February 21, 2018

    This is one of my favorites so far! Just nice, smooth mellow feeling, helps with my neck pain (had cervical fusion surgery a few months ago). Helped me get off the narcotic pain meds, and has helped with headaches, as well.

  • Wesley
    Kratom February 18, 2018

    Great product. Really appreciate a great stran. .

  • Robert
    Awesome February 13, 2018

    I’ve tried other companies but purkratom is by far the best in both product and costumer service.

  • Joseph
    Energetic February 12, 2018

    Most energizing strain

  • Sherry
    Excellent February 10, 2018

    Your company is the second I have ordered from and there's really no comparison. Purkratom product stands out from the other vendor who's name I will not mention. Customer service is excellent. I have received my orders in a very timely manner. I will definitely be ordering again from your company because "if it's not broken don't fix it." Thank you!

  • Sherry
    Excellent February 10, 2018

    Your company is the second I have ordered from and there's really no comparison. Purkratom product stands out from the other vendor who's name I will not mention. Customer service is excellent. I have received my orders in a very timely manner. I will definitely be ordering again from your company because "if it's not broken don't fix it." Thank you!

  • Robert
    Great product February 10, 2018

    This is a really great product! I have been using it for the past few weeks in the morning for pain management (I play rugby) and focus (I work from home) -- thus far, I've really been digging it. Haven't had any sleeplessness or side effects and generally find the product to be quite good!

  • Michael
    5 Star February 8, 2018

    Helps alot with chronic pain

  • Michael
    5 Star February 8, 2018

    Helps alot with chronic pain

  • Robert
    Great value February 7, 2018

    Very nice strain. I take 6 pills in the morning and it lasts all day

  • Cherie
    Great product from a great company January 26, 2018

    I absolutely love the white sumatra capsules. They give me the needed energy needed for the day and helps me greatly with my mood for my depressive disorder. This company is the greatest. I can thank them enough for all that they have done for me over the past few weeks. I had a few issues but they were very quick to resolve all the issues in record time. I try to tell as many people that I can about Kratom, the white sumatra and this company. I am a forever committed customer to PurKratom.

  • Robert
    Super mellow feeling January 21, 2018

    This gives you a super mellow mood. I take 6 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon

  • Julia
    makes me sleepy January 16, 2018

    I had bought these for energy, but they made me very sleepy.

  • Carie
    Great value January 15, 2018

    I love this company. Their customer service is on point! Shipping is super fast and you wont be disappointed.

  • Lynn
    Excellent service and product! January 13, 2018

    I'm a very satisfied customer with this product and your customer service! I will be doing business with you folks again! Thanks!

  • Veronica
    My new favorite January 12, 2018

    I love this strain. Starts my day off right with just enough get up and go. You have to give the capsules a little longer to take effect

  • Denise
    White Sumatra Kratom January 4, 2018

    I absolutely love this stuff. It gives me that much-needed energy without feeling jittery. Helps me feel focused and gives me clarity. It's simply amazing

  • Denise
    White Sumatra Kratom January 4, 2018

    I absolutely love this stuff. It gives me that much-needed energy without feeling jittery. Helps me feel focused and gives me clarity. It's simply amazing

  • Adam
    Most unique strain ever! December 16, 2017

    I purchased 2 bottles of White Sumatra kratom from Purkratom.com about a month ago as part of a 3 variety pack. This was quite an experience! When I took 4 capsules I noticed an increased alertness with no jitteriness. I also have a stutter that I'm self conscious about and upon taking the White Indo it disappeared for around 4 hours! I was stunned. On a particularly stressful day I took six capsules and while still more alert I also noticed a reduction in my back pain as well as a sense of "It's going to be ok" well being! Being a white strain I was doubtful, fearing jitters, but I think this is going to be my first choice kratom strain as it helps so many different things at different dosages! Also great as an add on to Red Indo for analgesic purposes. Great service, price, and quality! I will most assuredly return and recommend others to do so to. Purkratom is far and away the number 1 vendor of kratom. Thanks! Keep Kratom Legal! :-)

  • Joshua
    Good all around. December 13, 2017

    Most 'clear minded', I'd like to use the word 'alert' but that kind of sounds jittery which is not the case, and there's no nervousness. Good all around.

  • Michelle
    Very satisfied December 13, 2017

    This kratom really works well for my fatigue and chronic pain.

  • Sophia
    Works well December 11, 2017

    Works well

  • Jennifer
    Not for me, didn't work December 8, 2017

    After finding out the premium green Malay wasn't in stock (which is my usual), I opted to try this because I read some good reviews on it. Unfortunately, it just did absolutely nothing for me. Zero. It was like taking nothing. For me it was a big waste of money and next time the premium green Malay isn't in stock, I'll just find it somewhere else I suppose, instead of wasting my money. Different products work differently for different people, so what doesn't work for me may work for someone else. However, it did absolutely nothing for me.

    Admin Edit: Hello Jennifer, sorry to hear. Please reach out to our support team for a complimentary replacement for the inconvenience. Thank you!

  • Casey
    Returning customer December 1, 2017

    Great company

  • Curtis
    Very Good November 30, 2017

    This was my first ti,e trying this product and I must say it was a good as I was told. The price is also fair. I did arrive at time I was was told.

    Excellent service,value,delivery and product. I highly recommend this vendor and product. November 26, 2017

    Excellent service,value,delivery and product. I highly recommend this vendor and product.

  • Shannon
    Love it! November 19, 2017

    I love the White Vein Sumatra I purchased from PurKratom. This strain gave me the perfect balance of energy plus a sense calm. It is a "clean" energy, and I was more productive while I took it. I don't get a lot of sleep because of my job, and the constant fatigue I normally felt throughout the day was gone with the White Vein Sumatra. I reordered yesterday, and I would highly suggest this product to others, and would encourage Kratom users to give PurKratom a try because the product is of higher quality than the other Kratom suppliers I've tried in the past. My quality of life has vastly improved from using this strain of Kratom.

  • mi
    Sleepy Euphoria November 10, 2017

    This strain, oddly enough being a white strain, is actually very euphoric on the sleepy side though. I will take this one at night to relax and get that comfy warn bed feel. Like sleeping on a cloud and drifting peacefully to sleep. Downside.... leaves a drowsy feeling the next day.

  • Denise
    Use for energy November 10, 2017

    So far I'm very happy. I've only been taking it for about 2 weeks. Shipped quickly. I would like to see more of a 60 or 90 day supply rather than a 50. But I'll definitely be purchasing more. The stuff definitely gives you an uplifting feeling.

  • Janie
    Interesting November 9, 2017

    This is my first time taking Wvs, I love it, I mixed it with the red Vien and the pain was gone for 12 hours, as a nurse that works a lot of 16 hour shifts, this is such a blessing, CS is the absolute best, outstanding, I'm a customer for life!

  • Jessica
    Great for energy November 6, 2017

    Loved it

  • Loni
    Excellent quality October 31, 2017

    I was a sceptic, but I'm convinced. This is a miracle product.

  • Daniel
    Great Product October 29, 2017

    Love this product, takes away pain and makes me feel great

  • Michelle
    Very Good October 12, 2017

    I enjoy taking the white Sumatra in the morning after I wake up. It's a great way to start the day.

  • Daniel
    Great Product October 6, 2017

    I really love this, it helps me relax and keeps me mellow. It doesnt make me groggy at all and helps me calm down

  • Richard
    Fast and relieble September 28, 2017

    I received this product in a very timely manner. Compared to other sites, I was able to save money with my purchase. I find to product very much to my liking and I will continue to use this website for my future purchases. I would gladly recommend this site to my friends.

  • Gina
    Great September 18, 2017


  • Michelle
    Excellent September 17, 2017

    The white Sumatra is one of my favorites. It not only helps with my chronic pain, but it fills me with energy. Not the jitters, as if I had too much coffee, but a great, energized feling.

  • Gina
    September 15, 2017

  • Deanna
    Nice! September 13, 2017

    Took about 8 capsules to feel pain relief.

  • Burt
    Nice Product September 13, 2017

    I have used Premium Bali the most. I look forward to your end-of-month discounts so thought I'd give this one a try. I found it to be equal to if not just a little better than the Premium Bali. I've had a problem with a muscle strain in my arm and this product made it feel better than just taking aspirin or ibuprofen. I also enjoy the mood elevation that it provides.

  • James
    Very good product September 10, 2017

    WVS is the best at helping me with chronic pain.

  • Alex
    My Favorite September 7, 2017

    Great strong balance off well being and motivated energy. Definitely my favorite off all the options here and anywhere else

  • Emily
    Em September 2, 2017


  • Emily
    Hi September 1, 2017

    Sad. Don't like it as much as the other ones.

  • James
    Great product August 28, 2017

    I like the white sumatra kratom, best for easing my elderly pains.

  • Susan
    Outstanding August 24, 2017

    Each of the strains I have tried do just as they, and all of their reviewers & users. I have RX's for various maladies, however, they make me so darn tired, and I have a very busy, unforgiving job. I was finding I'd be so tired by mid-late afternoon I was struggling just to get through the day. The Green Maeng Da is excellent for energizing, mood enhancing. Red Vein is great for pain. And the white Sumatra is such an interesting blend, and the results you get will vary depending on what you take. Frankly, I've found mixing the strains (within reasonable limits, of course) to also be extremely beneficial (ex: in morning i'll mix the Green Maeng Da with White Sumatra; later in the day when I'm having pain and getting fatigued, I'll go to Red Vein, with White Sumatra). And you don't feel like crap or have the desire to down a bunch more, the way opiods can make you fee. Frankly, and this specifically is for PurKratom.com, I've tried local purveyors and honestly, the quality is not the same as from PurKratom.com. I've been purchasing exclusively from this Company for quite some time, and have found their customer service to be outstanding, as well as their products. I am so grateful to have found Kratom, and this site, really! Love you guys!

  • Michelle
    Fantastic August 23, 2017

    I am a huge fan of this kratom. Helps with my pain and my insomnia.

  • Jessica
    Awesome August 22, 2017

    Loved it! Hope the next one is as great!

  • Joel
    Favorite white strain August 16, 2017

    The best white strain I've ever had. Not much else to say energetic in small doses sedating in bigger doses. Ordered as an add on last time. Reordered immediately.

  • Joel
    Liked it a lot August 16, 2017

    I was pretty weary of this one because the only other white stain I tested gave me anxiety. However this one was great. I combined with Indo and Borneo and the effects were great.

  • David
    Very Good August 13, 2017

    I have ordered several bottles now from PurKratom and have been very satisfied with their products, price, and delivery. So far I am a very satisfied customer and plan on trying some of their other products and I'm sure I will be just as pleased.

  • Michelle
    Fantastic products August 12, 2017

    I can often switch between the white maeng da and the white Sumatra. They both help so much with my fatigue and pain.

  • Michelle
    Awesome product August 6, 2017

    Works for my pain and fatigue just as well as the white maeng da. Excellent product.

    Made me very relaxed August 3, 2017

    This was my first time trying this strain and I like it

  • Richard
    Good product August 3, 2017

    Good product from reliable vendor !

  • Jessica
    Great product! August 2, 2017

    These are great for pain relief and increased focus. I just wish that they came in larger bottles since a serving is 5 capsules.

  • Tara
    Energy Helper July 31, 2017

    Helpful for an energy boost and good in combination with the red vein I use for pain. A must have.

  • Michelle
    Excellent product July 25, 2017

    This and the maeng da are my favorites. They work so great for my pain and energy levels.

  • Mindy
    White Sumatra capsules July 19, 2017

    The white Sumatra works exactly as described on the website. My order came faster than I expected also! I would recommend this company to anyone!!

  • Heather
    Good July 18, 2017

    Very satisfied. Works on my pain and I haven't noticed and side effects.

  • James
    Quality July 17, 2017

    Calming effects more than the Maeng Da.

  • Mark
    Not sure just yet July 17, 2017

    Still reviewing but they seem to be similar to the sumatra

  • Stephanie
    Good July 17, 2017

    It was good. But I love the Bali

  • Stephanie
    45 yr old female June 30, 2017

    Works great!

  • James
    Wow! June 29, 2017

    Products are always fresh and they ship fast! Best Kratom company!

  • Patricia
    Good stuff April 27, 2017

    Love this company!

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