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Variety Capsule Pack ( 15% OFF )

Variety Capsule Pack ( 15% OFF )


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If you are a new to Kratom or simply want to try alternative strains, the Variety Pack is the right option for you. You can try different strains to see which is most suitable for your needs. Choose 3 different options now at a discounted rate.

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Variety Capsule Pack
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  • Kristin
    Great way to try different strains! July 4, 2019

    The variety pack exceeded my expectations! What a great price, and speedy arrival. I am new to Kratom and this is the best way to try out different kinds. I even blended different strains. The quality is very good. I highly recommend this product.

  • Matthew
    I love these variety packs July 3, 2019

    I really enjoy getting to try out different kinds of kratom to see which works best.

  • Laurie
    Great product and great company July 2, 2019

    I have been using Purkratoms products for awhile. They help with pain management and help me sleep. Couple of my favorites are Red Bali and the Maegna da family. I use different colors and strains for different problems I am having. I have recommended several people to this company and will continue to do so. Please try it, you won’t be disappointed. L..D

  • Matthew
    Works really well June 30, 2019

    I love your variety packs, they're like Whitman's Sampler of kratom so we can try different kinds.

  • Laurie
    Kratom has done wonders for me June 30, 2019

    Hi I have been using Kratom for awhile now. I had heard wonderful things about it. It can help you with sleep issues, give you energy and several other benefits. I am a cancer patient in remission my 3rd year but still suffer from the effects of having strong chemo treatment for I 1/2 years and the side effects of over 12 surgeries. Kratom has helped me so much with all the issues I had having.,There are several strains and colors to choose from., to see which ones work best for you. The customer service is great and they can explain the difference in strains and colors for you. I have found the Maega Da is good to manage pain and well being. Reds make you relaxed, And the white and green strains are good for energy, and focus. I mix mine with hot tea and honey or take the capsules and even toss and wash( works faster),Everyone is different so you might have to try a few to find what works best for you. The company PURKRATOM is wonderful with customer service and getting their orders out quickly. I have recommended several people to them who are very happy with the product and the customer service is great, and I will continue to recommend their products and company.. thank you LD

  • Carolyn
    Great combo! June 28, 2019

    `Have liked Red Vein Borneo a lot for sleep in the past. Premium Bali gave me energy, but when taken with Red Vein Borneo helps very well for sleep. Red Bali, the 3rd choice similar to Red Vein Borneo to me. Would definitely order variety packs again. Great buy.

  • Jennifer
    Amazing! June 25, 2019

    Always a favorite. I like to mix and match my strains and this is the perfect option.

  • Pam
    Good Stuff June 25, 2019

    The variety pack is a great way to try different strains.

  • Dave
    Great Products June 24, 2019

    I love the variety pack the most. Allows me to try the different varieties.

  • Sandy
    The white bali is new to me June 23, 2019

    I personally tried the white bali and found it very helpful for relaxing and sleep

  • Patricia
    Gold is the best June 23, 2019

    Really like the gold!

  • Gary
    Dependable June 21, 2019

    I've been a customer for a year now and have been impressed by the service. The free shipping gets the product delivered within 3 days, I have had few if any delays. The product arrives well packaged and at a reasonable cost. I am still sampling the product with the Variety Pack. Much better than buying at stores...

  • aunna
    Perfect June 21, 2019

    I have used local outlets for Kratom but it does not compare to PurKratom. This company has quality Kratom and I was able to have all my needs met.

  • Laurie
    Great products June 19, 2019

    I enjoy every product that I have tried. The customer service is amazing they care about their customer.

  • ME
    Really like green strains June 19, 2019

    The variety packs have been great to try different strains at discounted price. So far, the green maeng da and green malay have worked best! I have chronic pain and fatigue and these have helped.

  • Tonya
    Affordable June 17, 2019

    Nice price and product

  • Matthew
    Best quality June 17, 2019

    Purkratom has best quality bar none.

  • Virginia
    Very effective product! June 16, 2019

    Having a variety of strains is helpful so don’t need to hunt for different ones. Capsules make it easy to take when not home. I always keep some in my pocketbook. I have spinal stenosis and hip dysplasia so taking kratom prior to doing housework or garden work makes all the difference. Gives me the energy to work also.

  • Mary Ellen
    Satisfied customer June 16, 2019

    I am new to Kratom so I am still finding my way. But I was happy with this variety pack and the price is also good.

  • Shawn
    Great Product June 14, 2019

    I am very happy with the product and the time it takes to get them. This is the place to go for all my Kratom needs. Great quality, price, and shipping time!

  • Greg
    Service June 14, 2019

    Great service, quick delivery and great product

  • Greg
    Service June 14, 2019

    Great service, quick delivery and great product

  • Stephanie
    Amazing product June 10, 2019

    Being introduced to this amazing product has changed my life!!! Great value and service. I won't go through anyone else.

  • ME
    Great products June 10, 2019

    The variety pack is great because I can try different strains at discounted price to see which ones work best for me. I have tried the green maeng da and super green malay which I really like for wellbeing and energy. The red bali and red borneo have been ok. The green strains have worked best for me.

  • Amy
    Great products! June 8, 2019

    This all were very good! Energy but relaxing too.

  • Caleb
    Great deal! June 8, 2019

    The variety pack is such a great deal. Get 3 of the best different strains at a discount....you cant beat it

  • Leslie
    Variety packs are perfect for exploring new strains June 7, 2019

    Product quality is, as always, top notch. I have been doing business with Purkratom for a few years and the product has never let me down. The only complaint I have is that I paid for expedited shipping on my last two orders but my product wasn't shipped out for several days making expedited shipping a waste of money.

  • Kay
    Great June 6, 2019

    Really good stuff

  • Derek
    Excellent June 6, 2019

    Excellent product

  • K
    Great June 6, 2019

    Great stuff

  • Ruth
    Great Product June 5, 2019

    I've tried Red Vein Borneo and Red Vein Kapuas so far. I prefer the Kapuas for my aches as the Borneo didn't seem to help me at all.

  • Kathleen
    Great June 2, 2019

    Great stuff!!!

  • Ruth
    Variety Capsule Pack May 30, 2019

    I love being able to order different strains at a discount. So far my favorite is the Red Kapuas. My son loves the Red Borneo. I would love it if you would make a chart of each strain and the benefit of each one. It would make ordering a lot easier.

  • Marta
    Red vein borneo May 28, 2019

    I really enjoyed the red vein Borneo strain. It is great for mood and has very relaxing properties as well.

  • Raquel
    Awesome May 28, 2019

    If you want to try different strands the price is very fair.

  • Cedric
    good variety May 27, 2019

    good variety.

  • Norman
    Great purchase May 27, 2019

    I really enjoyed the variety pack as it allowed me to try 3 different strains and I love them all also can tell the difference of the different strains, I will try the variety pack and next time. Well worth a try

  • Norman
    Great purchase May 24, 2019

    I really enjoyed the variety pack as it allowed me to try 3 different strains and I love them all also can tell the difference of the different strains, I will try the variety pack and next time. Well worth a try

  • Ashley
    Love The Variety! May 24, 2019

    I got the variety pack with Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and Super Green Maeng Da. The red and super green Maeng Da were so helpful for aches. I didn’t have much luck with the Green Maeng Da, but that’s the great thing about the variety pack... you get to try many at a discounted price to figure out what works best for you.

  • Stacy
    Great products May 23, 2019

    I have been very pleased with my products I received. Helps to improve my mood, helps with my neck and lower back as well as having increased energy levels. I’m no expert on all the different strains of kratom but I am very happy with my purchase and will continue to order from this company

  • Jason
    Outstanding May 20, 2019

    This is a great way to try out different strains for a new user. The quality is fantastic and it is hard to find a better deal on capsules. Add the price to how high quality of a vendor this is..... it really cant be beat

  • Tim
    Great product May 20, 2019

    The variety pack offers an excellent way to try some different strains and the quality is top notch!

  • Robert
    So many different varieties to choose from May 18, 2019

    I am pretty new to kratom, so I like to order the variety pack in order to compare. My wife uses green maeng da for her migraine headaches with pretty good success. I use green indo before social events and white bali or various other white or green varieties for energy. I have ordered from PurKratom several times now, and shipment has always been fast and quality always seems to be good.

  • Brandon
    We got a first timer.. May 18, 2019

    New to Kratom and went with Purkratom since I am a Florida guy and like to support the local community. Was looking for something to take the edge off after a long day. Instead of coming home and getting hammered only to wake up feeling like crap the next day. Premium Bali is my jam. I only take two or three a day following a work day and absolutely love the relaxing feeling I get. Super Green Indo is wonderful for the weekend and I am chilling on the beach. Red Borneo is nice for those days when I am feeling tension in my neck from stress. Each of these strands have opened my eyes to how wonderful nature can be. The stress relieving component is what will make me a lifelong user.

  • Dave
    Great Products May 18, 2019

    Love the variety pack and trying the different strains. Really helps alleviate my ankle pain.

  • Albert
    Loved all 3! May 17, 2019

    Picked a Red, Green and White Strain. I love them. No better quality out there. Is great for depression and anxiety!

  • Cathy
    Great Way to Try New Strains! May 17, 2019

    I enjoy purchasing the variety pack because I like to mix strains for maximum effect, to help with energy and pain maintenance during the work day (I have shoulder pain and work at a computer all day).

  • Allison
    New user, I think I'm a fan! May 17, 2019

    I am new to Kratom, it was great to get a variety to try. I'm still not sure what to use when but the website is very informative.

  • Jason
    Very good! May 16, 2019

    I got the variety pack with a Yellow Vein, Green Horn, and White Bali. I found the Green Horn and White Bali to be excellent. I highly recommend the variety pack. It's a great way to save even more on their already amazing prices. I am no longer able to take Ibuprofen or Aleve, so finding this company has been a lifesaver. Do you DD. It is hard to find a company more reliable and trustworthy than PurKratom.

  • Jason
    Very good! May 16, 2019

    I got the variety pack with a Yellow Vein, Green Horn, and White Bali. I found the Green Horn and White Bali to be excellent. I highly recommend the variety pack. It's a great way to save even more on their already amazing prices. I am no longer able to take Ibuprofen or Aleve, so finding this company has been a lifesaver. Do you DD. It is hard to find a company more reliable and trustworthy than PurKratom.

  • Ashley
    LOVE this product! May 15, 2019

    If you are new to Kratom and not sure what to get, this is THE BEST place to start (and stick with). After trying a few different strands, I have found the gold and yellow vein kratom to be the best out there. Although green and white also do the job, I get the best results from the gold strain. PurKratom is the only brand that has produced good results consistently for me, so the price is worth it to me. I think it’s important to experiment with your body and how much you personally need to feel good and these capsules are the perfect way to manage that! I highly highly recommend this product!

  • Donna
    Great start May 15, 2019

    I have used this option to try nearly every available kratom capsule strain from purkratom website. It really shortened my learning curve discovering which strains worked best for me and my needs.

  • Connie
    Great product! May 13, 2019

    High quality, great value.

  • Daphne
    First time taking May 11, 2019

    I have RA and the red Kratom seems to really help me rest better after work.

  • Matthew
    Purkratom is by far the best supplier! May 11, 2019

    I have tried many of the variety packs to figure out what's best for me. I believe it's the best way to go . For back pain I believe the Red strains work best and last the longest.

  • Laurie
    Great products May 10, 2019

    I am very happy with Purkratom. They have wonderful products and customer service. I would highly recommend them. I have recommended people who have recommended others, who are very happy with Purkratam.

  • Laurie
    Great products May 10, 2019

    I am very happy with Purkratom. They have wonderful products and customer service. I would highly recommend them. I have recommended people who have recommended others, who are very happy with Purkratam.

  • Albert
    This is perfect! May 9, 2019

    Like the fact you can choose strains AND get a discount. So cool of the company to do that! Thanks PurKratom!

  • lisa
    New to kratom, trying Variety Pack May 9, 2019

    I am brand new, looking for something to help with pain, restless legs, and increase alertness. My first batch is Red Vein Borneo, Super Green Indo, and White Bali capsules. 4.5 grams Red Vein last night did ease pain and I slept without additional sedative, but awakened with terrible headache. I will use a smaller dose! I have taken only 1.5 grams of the Super and of the White, so I don't know how I will respond yet. Will let you know.

  • keith
    Great product for pain relief May 9, 2019

    Kratom does a great job on relieving my pain and elevating my mood. It’s not like pain meds, it doesn’t make my head feel like it is full of mud, and when the effects wear off I don’t have the feeling that I have to take more. It’s not addictive, I can take it one day and go a day or two without if my pain is not that bad. I like taking different strains depending on what I need energy or chill mode. I don’t have to worry about getting a contaminated product because Pure Kratom tests their product. I always get quality products and fast delivery!

  • Gregor
    Great Variety Options May 8, 2019

    Nice tour of the strains, solid price, incredible shipping!

  • Melissa
    Relief! May 8, 2019

    The variety pack is an excellent way to try the different strains. I have been amazed at how most strains work to really relax me and give me relief!

  • Lynne
    Variety pack May 6, 2019

    I love the variety pack option with 15% off. it allows me to try many strains. All of purkratoms products are top notch!

  • Katelyn
    Love! May 4, 2019

    I love the variety pack so I can try different strains!

  • Mimi
    great way to try out different strains May 4, 2019

    great quality and great way to try out different strains. green maeng da is still my favorite for motivation focus and energy.

  • Levik
    Good May 3, 2019

    Good quality kratom.

  • Matthew
    Great product May 2, 2019

    Excellent product. I use it to relax me and sleeplessness and it really works

    Awesome Products May 2, 2019

    I have enjoyed the different varieties, I would recommend to the company if they could provide a leaflet for each product to give an overview of the effects would be really helpful verses having to refer back to website for effects of each. Overall, I am EXTREMELY happy with the results and will most definitely be repurchasing.

  • Terry
    Ok April 29, 2019


  • Dakota
    Pretty happy April 26, 2019

    Overall I love the product especially the variety pack.. I order a lot so would be cool if there would be more discount for more money spent or something cause I go thru it very quickly and have to order twice a week but otherwise I'm overall happy with purkratom

  • Cathy
    Great way to find your favorites! April 25, 2019

    I love ordering the capsule variety pack. It has allowed me to try virtually every strain available from purkratom.com and is a great value as well! I like to combine green and red strains of Kratom for a sense of calm and energy and the variety pack allows me to do so with confidence.

  • Nicole
    Really like this April 24, 2019

    The variety pack gave me the opportunity to try other kratoms. I will definitely recommend this to people just starting to use Kratom.

  • Derek
    Excellent April 24, 2019


  • Jason
    Great product great price April 22, 2019

    Great quality product!

  • Shawn
    Great April 22, 2019

    Super Green Maeg DA is my favorite strain and PurKratom is my favorite place to buy it.

    good stuff April 22, 2019

    good stuff

  • james
    Yhe Variety Pack is a Great Choice April 20, 2019

    I've purchased several variety packs in the past months, and I've found that it's a great way to get firsthand experience with different kratom variations. My favorite so far? Yellow Vein Kratom Capsules. Quick delivery too.

  • Aracely
    Variety pack April 18, 2019

    Best bang for your buck and purkratom has the best quality around!!!

  • Lauren
    Good April 16, 2019

    Goood stuff

  • Lauren
    Good way to test out different strains April 16, 2019

    I got one of each color to see what I liked. Now I know which to order more of.

  • Albert
    Excellent as always! April 16, 2019

    As always, there’s guy have top notch Kratom at affordable prices!!!

  • Kelley
    Great quality April 14, 2019

    I bought the variety pack, I didn't care for the red vein but the premium bali and white maeng were great. Ill definitely purchase more.

  • Kelley
    Great quality April 14, 2019

    I bought the variety pack, I didn't care for the red vein but the premium bali and white maeng were great. Ill definitely purchase more.

  • Aracely
    Variety pack April 11, 2019

    Ive been ordering from purkratom for 3 months now, great products and top quality! The variety packs are VERY worth the price! Easy ordering answer fast shipping, I couldn't be happier!

  • Drew
    Good deal April 10, 2019

    very good deal and price

  • Drew
    Quality product April 7, 2019

    Ordered with no problem but USPS lost first shipment. Contacted Purkratom and they immediately sent out a 2nd order. This is a very reputable company.

  • Bobby
    Good stuff April 6, 2019

    Great customer service and dependable

  • Angel
    I love it. April 5, 2019

    Alittle pricey but i love the results. It helps with my pain i have fibromyalgia and this is the only stuff i have found that works for me.
    I have to take 4 to 6 pills to get results. Just wish it was a little cheaper.

  • Robert
    Always great products April 3, 2019

    Great kratom

  • Janell
    Great April 3, 2019

    All the Kratom products I have ordered have been top quality. Iam still experimenting with various strains to find the best ones that work for me so the variety pack makes it cheaper to do that.

  • Jay
    Excellent product March 29, 2019

    I have been using Kratom for the past year and have tried all the different strains from local shops and online sites. PurKratom offers the most consistent and quality Kratom I have tried and I have tried a lot. I like to say to people new to using Kratom that's like a pain killer with super powers. My favorite so far with PurKratom are the Red Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, the Green Thorn, & Red Bali. I have found that the Reds are fantastic at helping to unwind, destress, and especially to sleep at night, and also help with pain relief. The Greens are great at using during the day to help with pain relief, to help you relax, and to help you focus. I recommend the variety pack to start with so you can try the different strains to see what you like best and at what dosage. Overall I highly recommend PurKratom. It is simply the best for Kratom that you can get.

  • Todd
    Great service/good quality March 29, 2019

    I like this vendor and will order from them every so often but if you're looking for bags of powder, they seem to be unable to provide a variety of much. Mostly out of stock so I have decided to order elsewhere if I need powder. Pretty great site for small amounts of capsules though. Probably good if you need a last resort or get in a jam. The customer service is wonderful. Just wish they carried more product.

  • vickie
    BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE March 29, 2019

    The products are always great, and the customer support is the best.

  • Rachael
    Awesome products March 29, 2019

    Helps with my pain. I use different strains daily. White Indo is great for pain and energy.

  • Lesa
    Excellent product March 28, 2019

    PurKratom is my go-to vendor after trying many. Product is excellent, service is excellent. Recommend.

  • Gary
    Smooth Operators March 26, 2019

    I've been a PurKratom customer for a short time. The order process gets better all the time. The orders are easy to track and on-time. The free USPS delivery is a bonus. I like the Variety Capsule Pack because of the discount and chance to sample all products.

  • Doug
    Great product and service. March 26, 2019

    Variety pack is a great option to offer for newbies and more experienced clients also. I have been able to try are different combinations and have found the product to be consistent with each purchase. Prices are good. Quality is great. Customer service astounding with prompt free delivery. Thanks for providing us with a great service.

  • lionel
    im hooked but not addicted March 26, 2019

    i don't take them every day, just when need and only 2 in the day WHITE MAG.&GREEN MAG.in the morning before work, gives me enough energy & dulls my aches n pain I stand up all day long at 65 I be hurting, due to multiple accidents and hard work, and 1 RED VEIN to sleep, they work really good. might try other flavors lol next time, iv bin recommending them to other achy people.. GOOD STUFF

  • Daniel
    PurKratom is top quality March 26, 2019

    PurKratom is the best source for Kratom! Top quality.

  • Cindy
    Excellent March 25, 2019

    This product is just what I needed. I have come off of Hydrocodone but continue to have joint pain, depression and anxiety. Kratom treats all 3 for me and I prefer the red, although green is my 2nd choice.

  • CJ
    Awesome products! March 25, 2019

    I'm so glad I found your company! You produce high quality products, and your order process is also quick and seamless.

  • Charles
    Excellent Product March 25, 2019

    Very effective, well-priced, shipped and delivered quickly. Variety pack is great to find the right products for yourself.

  • Chandra
    Amazing products! March 24, 2019

    I love the products..easy to use and quality is beyond comparison. Has improved my quality of life immensely!

  • Raquel
    Very satisfied March 23, 2019

    Great product and even greater delivery time!

  • Renee
    Worth it March 23, 2019

    Love all the products especially maeng da.

  • april
    Disappointed March 22, 2019

    I’m really disappointed in the Premium Bali and Red Vein Borneo. I wish that in the variety pack we were able to choose two bottles of the same kind as I seem to have the best results with white strains. It’s nice to be able to try different strains but these two did nothing for me, no pain relief and no mood elevation. Will continue to try other strains but so far the whites work best for me. Shipping is always super fast. I wish that Purkratom offered larger bottles.

  • Christopher
    Yes March 21, 2019

    Very happy with the service and quality of the product, tried the sample pack red mang Da White Mang da and red Borneo! I have arthritis in both ankles right knee both hips and in my back! This stuff took away the pain and made it so I could walk short distances even without a cane!

  • Don
    Red white and green Bali March 21, 2019

    Great product

  • Megan
    Good March 20, 2019

    Good nice to try different strains

  • Christopher
    Great Product March 19, 2019

    First purchase of kratom and first time using the Purkratom website. I had my product within 2 days and it was a perfect opportunity to try out three different strains. Not only did I notice a reduction in my chronic nerve pain but my anxiety almost disappeared and my general mood improved!

  • Simon
    Very good March 19, 2019

    Good delivery time and product

  • Sandy
    Natural answer to my pain, anxiety and insomnia March 18, 2019

    These products are amazing for relieving anxiety, especially the White Maeng Da which also helps me sleep through the night. I found the Red Maeng Da helps with fatigue. The Green Maeng Da is amazing for pain relief! I love taking a natural product instead of OTC or Rx medications.!

  • Sandy
    Natural answer to my pain, anxiety and insomnia March 18, 2019

    I have found the Maeng Da strains most effective for my issues. The white Maeng Da calms anxiety and helps me sleep through the night. The green Maeng Da does wonders for my chronic severe back and shoulder pain which means I don't have to rely on OTC and prescription pain meds. The red Maeng Da gives me energy which is lowered by my severe never-ending pain. I love PurKratom too because I don't worry about tainted products!!!

  • Jessica
    Love the variety pack March 18, 2019

    Allows me to try different strains without breaking the bank! Love the variety pack

  • Sergio
    Excellent Value March 17, 2019

    Great way to test new strains.
    I hope the Green Vein Borneo is always in stock... my favorite!

  • Curtis
    Very Good Quality March 17, 2019

    All three of strains I received were very potent and effective better than advertised. Will buy more.

  • Brandon
    Great product March 17, 2019

    Great product from a reputable company.

  • Pam
    Variety March 17, 2019

    I like the idea of trying different strains, so the variety pack is a great way to test them, and at a good price.

  • Rupert
    Excellent Product March 16, 2019

    Very effective. Helpful to try different strains with the variety pack to find which works best for yourself. Will order again soon.

  • Brandy
    Good value March 16, 2019

    Nice value for the multi pack

  • Andrew
    Excellent March 16, 2019

    Purkratom has unmatched quality and price!
    Great way to try different strains and decide which one works best for you!

  • Elizabeth
    Excelent March 14, 2019

    It helps me a lot with my pain i have kidney stones since i try this product i am better

  • Lisa
    Variety capsule pack March 14, 2019

    Purkratom variety pack is perfect you can pick any three of their strains and the value plus quality cannot be beat plus their shipping is fast and hassle-free your products are my favorite from all the places I've tried in the past thankyou very much!

  • vickie
    Good variety March 13, 2019

    I love that you can mix the kinds of Kratom capsules, great for a trying new variety. This makes it very easy to still get the kratom you like and maybe try one new bottle, and they give you a discount on top of there great customer service.

  • Alex
    Red maeng da March 12, 2019

    This stuff is great! Works very well for pain! Love the red and green maeng Da!

  • Derek
    Excellent March 11, 2019

    I love this product and purkratom is awesome. I get my product fast and always right. Keep up the great work.

  • Marty
    Variety Pack March 11, 2019

    Great product!

  • Chris
    This is an all-around grade A vendor! March 11, 2019

    Very fast order processing and delivery, nice clean product that seems to be managed well and has good purity in its strains and does a nice job with cauterization. I have to say at first I did not like the electronic check process for procurement, but they vendor they use is incredibly secure and the electronic check processing truly is a seamless, safe process. This is an all-around grade A vendor!

  • Alan
    First time trying March 9, 2019

    Tried this out of curiosity, and it was good. Helped with anxiety at work. Thanks!

    ALL GOOD March 8, 2019


  • Bryan
    Excellent March 7, 2019

    Capsules are so much easier and convenient to take as opposed to the powder. I feel like you get more with the powder but it is way easier to have the capsules when you’re on the go. By far the best site with quality so far and I’ve tried 3 other sites and so far purkratom is more consistent with quality which can vary from time to time but once you find a strain that works for you then you waste less time in ordering and sending back what you don’t like. Either way I’ll continue to buy from purkratom in the future.

  • Gigi
    Red Vein Borneo was great! March 7, 2019

    I love the variety packs. The Red Vein Borneo was an especially pleasant surprise because it gave me some very noticeable improvement in terms of depression relief. I felt perfectly normal for the first time in a long time! I haven't noticed that as much with the other strains I've tried, but I imagine everyone reacts to the strains a little differently. This just happens to be the one I'm settling on for a while.

  • Patricia
    Good price, great service March 6, 2019

    I would recommend green maeng da instead. Additionally, one order had an issue and not only did they respond right away, they sent a replacement that arrived immediately. Great customer service.

  • Patric
    Excellent Quality and Company March 5, 2019

    I've been a customer now for a few months now and the quality of every strain I've tried have been high quality.As a fairly new kratom user,the variety packs are by far my favorite.I get to try all types and see what I like and is best for.I found it's best to alternate between strains,that's why the variety packs are great.I also appreciate the lab testing and posting results...a sign of a responsible co. Thanks PURKRATOM

  • William
    Never disappointed March 5, 2019

    Purchased value packs multiple times, never disappointed, always on time and best quality.

  • Matthew
    The best quality March 5, 2019

    Purkratom has the best quality and is a mind blowing pain reliever after back surgery 3 years ago. Also gives me lots of energy without feeling sleepy. Highly recommended

  • Richard
    Variety pack March 4, 2019

    Purkratom products are some of the best quality I've tried. Will continue to purchase from them. Great job purkratom.

  • Rochelle
    Overall I was very pleased with time of receiving my order and the price is excellent March 4, 2019

    The capsules are good for the price but I think the powder form will work quicker for me.....

  • Linda
    Variety pack March 3, 2019

    I love the variety pack! It’s a great great product at a great price!

  • Pam
    Great! March 3, 2019

    The variety pack is a good way to try different strains.

  • Pam
    Great value March 3, 2019

    The variety pack is a good way to try different strains, especially for a new Kratom user.

  • Pam
    Great! March 3, 2019

    The variety pack is the way to go for new Kratom users. I've been trying all the different strains this way, to determine what is best for me.

  • Brittany
    Good stuff March 3, 2019

    I can't live with out this stuff. I have switched completely over from pain management to Kratom a year and half ago and it's been the best decision I ever had.

  • Brittany
    Good stuff March 3, 2019

    I can't live with out this stuff. I have switched completely over from pain management to Kratom a year and half ago and it's been the best decision I ever had.

  • Donna
    Good price, product ok March 3, 2019

    Was very happy with the cost but not crazy about the red or white strains. Also, some came with a safety deal while another did not.

  • vickie
    Quality products March 2, 2019

    I am very happy with all the products I have ordered. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have emailed them with a ordering issue, they got back with me right away, and it was on a weekend.

  • Lauren
    Very helpful! March 2, 2019

    The variety packs was a good way to determine which capsule works best for me. Very helpful!

  • Kelsie
    Overall, okay March 2, 2019

    I got Red Malay, Green maeng da, and red borneo. The first time I ordered from purkratom, it was great quality. This last time, the strains were very weak. I was actually disappointed.

  • Tammy
    Great March 1, 2019

    I ordered this mainly for pain and anxiety. Being new to kratom I ordered the variety pack. I am very pleased. I dislocated a shoulder and have been unable to sleep through the night because of the pain. I am now sleeping most of the night pain free and my anxiety is way down. I will be reordering.


    I am new to Kratom but did the research suggested for reputable vendors and PurKratom was at the top of the list. I received my order VERY quickly and started taking one of the products (with great results I might add). I then tried the sec ond one, and so far, so good. It means a lot to me to know that I am getting pure products so that I can benefit from them. Thanks PurKratom....I'll be making another order soon!!!!

  • Tim
    Best quality for the price February 28, 2019

    I am always pleased with the quality from Purkratom. Try the gold vein kratom or any Maeng Da strain they are especially potent :)

  • Sandy
    The White kratom helps with sleep. February 27, 2019

    I struggle with anxiety and sometimes can't fall asleep or stay asleep. I wake up at least 2 - 3 times a night. I find the white strains, especially the white maeng da, puts me right back into a restful sleep right away. It also helps me get my anxiety under control before it spirals into a panic attack. I've been really happy with the results.

  • Tammy
    I absolutely Love your products February 26, 2019

    I have since ordered 6 or 7 additional bottles and everyone has been amazing!!

  • Colleen
    3 pack February 26, 2019

    Great products. Will order again

  • Tonda
    Excellent February 26, 2019

    I love the option of trying new products at a discount. I can order my regulars and add a new one it to try. I haven’t found a strain that I am disappointed in! I recommend this option if you’re wanting to try a new strain!

  • Amanda
    Variety Pack February 25, 2019

    I love the benefits of the variety pack. It allows me to try different kinds of kratom to see what works well for me at a discounted price, so between that and the return policy, I have nothing to lose by exploring different strains!

  • Matt
    Great way to try different strains February 25, 2019

    I've started using kratom because I've heard many benefits. This variety pack you can try different strains to see what works best for you. I've found the ones that act as a stimulant buzz and keeps me focused (green or white for me)

  • Stanley J
    Cautiously optimistic, planning to get more! February 24, 2019

    The reds help with my chronic pain somehow while the yellow helps me sleep. I think it is good for opioid withdrawal since I’ve cut back so much from my pain meds and I’m able to function without being too miserable. So, I’ll be experimenting some more which strain is really best for my chronic back pain.

  • Jason
    Love it February 24, 2019

    Love it

  • Megan
    Great February 24, 2019

    Great product helps my hubby with pain and helps us both chill out @ our stressful jobs

  • Thomas
    Variety Pack February 23, 2019

    I’ve been happy experimenting with different red, white, and green strains in the variety pack so far. I definitely get more benefit from the red and green strains but I also try different mixes of the three as my goal is pain management w/ as little sedation as possible. Quality is definitely superior to the products I purchased locally.

  • Patricia
    Great product. February 23, 2019

    Love green and white Maeng Da

  • Patricia
    Great product. February 23, 2019

    Love green and white Maeng Da

  • Ken
    Rotate smaller doses February 22, 2019

    Rotate between these

  • Erin
    good February 22, 2019

    A great way to try different varieties.

  • christopher
    very satisfied February 21, 2019

    Received sooner then expected. The Kratom was a fine powder and mixed easily. This was a graet value. I will be back to this site.

  • Damian
    Fantastic Product February 21, 2019

    Very good quality stuff. I use it mostly for back pain and it helps a lot. I find the capsules much easier to take than the powder.

  • S
    Great value and assortment. February 20, 2019

    Enjoy the variety and value!

  • S
    Excellent product; great value February 20, 2019

    Love the variety and savings! Great way to try different strains.

  • Paco
    A store with character. February 20, 2019

    Premium Bali Kratom Capsules were great quality. It has been helpful with pain associated issues. Without extreme sedation. Actually very well rounded. Buying again.

    Super Green Indo Kratom Capsules are the real stars for us. We are very sensitive to the stimulating properties of most white and green strains, so we usually stay away because anxiety can be triggered. It's a per person chemistry interaction. So this is strictly our experience. But this super green indo is great. It's a higher potency strain which works while being able to use a much lower dosage. The effects have been pain relief, mood enhanced, minimal euphoria and a clear head. Using these while at work are life(career) savers for my wife. Literally. Being at work while trying to get healthy was becoming an issue before we found purkratom and this super indo strain. Now the stress for my wife to get thru work, thru the day has dissipated. These capsules truly saved the day.

    I don't remember the 3rd bottle that we ordered in the variety pack. But our next order is already in. Getting the same 2 as last time and 1 bottle of Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules. Keeping your body from getting tolerant to any strain of kratom is incredibly important. It doesn't allow the receptors to get overly saturated with one strain, which ultimately allows us to use less capsules and still get the same healthy benefits. The price per quality is very good. Cheaper than the lower quality merchandise we tried at headshops near us. Shipping was quick and though I prefer PayPal, the echeck method was still safe and easy. Thanks for being a solid store in all regards. Our family appreciates good character, especially in a business. Thanks again.

  • Lisa
    I luv the variety pack trying something new and seeing what works for my pain! February 20, 2019

    The customer service is wonderful and they reply back as soon as possible, if there is an issue they try to resolve immediately!
    My issues are mailing and card orders which they have been great working with me and I am always left with feeling good and satisfied !

  • Tracy
    Great February 20, 2019

    Variety is good

  • Tracy
    Great February 20, 2019

    Variety is nice. At discount price

  • Michael
    Very Satisfied February 19, 2019

    The capsules are a very convenient way to use the product. I like the professional packaging and the fast
    shipping process.

  • Virginia
    Variety Capsule Pack February 19, 2019

    this is a good way for new users like me to find out what works. I've been on opiate pain pills for years and wonderful to find an alternative.

  • Kathy
    I purchased the variety pack, allowing me to try 3 types February 19, 2019

    It's been two months of using this product, I purchased the variety pack of White Borneo, Red and Green Maeng capsules, found the products to be high grade, they indeed have helped me with pain issues.

  • Derrick
    Great Product February 19, 2019

    I like the green for daytime and the red for nighttime. Does wonders for my mood and is great for pain relief for my bad back.

  • Tonda
    Excellent February 19, 2019

    I really enjoy having the option to try new strains at a discounted price. I can pick my usual products and throw in a new one to try. This is an excellent option, and I am glad that it is available!

  • Tracy
    Very nice strains February 18, 2019

    I ordered during the Black Friday discount but I’m a fairly regular customer. The usual price is a bit steep for me so I do look for discounts, but you really can’t beat the quality or service. I had one bottle that a capsule opened in and I wrote the company. They immediately shipped out a replacement, which I appreciated. I’ve found I like the white maeng da, red vein, and most of the greens the best. For energy the reds are best, and for pain probably a combo or green and white. But that’s me. It’s good to try the variety pack so you can experiment. I think you’ll be happy. I’ve considered blogging on my website about this to reach more people because it is so effective and I’ve never had withdrawal problems when I stop. I hope it stays legal, it’s a wonderful herb.

  • Malissa
    Three pack February 18, 2019

    This is a great way to find which is best suited for the individual. But not the best value on any one product.

  • Virginia
    Great kratom product February 18, 2019

    I bought 3 different strains in capsule form, green maengda, white Borneo and white Indo. I have spinal stenosis and hip dysplasia and therefore have pain in my back, legs and hip. Whenever I go swing dancing, line dancing, shopping or do lots of house cleaning, I take 4 or 5 capsules an hour before the activity and the pain subsides. It’s wonderful cuz I don’t want to rely on NSAIDs. Kratom is incredibly effective for pain.

  • Scott
    Excellent Service February 18, 2019

    Very high quality and great value! Cannot beat the shipping as well.

  • Kelsie
    Great February 18, 2019

    The green malay strain is my fav.

  • Louis
    Variety packs February 18, 2019

    The product is effective and the packaging is impressive compared to other suppliers. I like the variety pack because you can alternate strains easily. I was happy with the delivery time as well.

  • Louis
    Variety packs February 18, 2019

    The product is effective and the packaging is impressive compared to other suppliers. I like the variety pack because you can alternate strains easily. I was happy with the delivery time as well.

  • Molly
    Excellent Way to Explore Strains of Kratom February 18, 2019

    I was introduced to kratom by a friend who'd used it for migraines. My husband was in a horrible rollover car accident 3 months ago and broke his leg. Given new regulations on opioid pain medicines and doctors now quickly weaning patients off them, we turned to kratom for pain relief. He is taking the Red Vein Borneo and is getting decent relief with small doses; he's also sleeping better! He will likely increase his dose as he goes through PT and begins to walk again. He takes the Premium Bali during the day when he doesn't want to sleep. I began taking White Borneo to control my binge/stress eating. I know from previous trials with rx meds, that increasing my dopamine levels helps control my eating. The opioid-like properties of kratom have also helped me not feel a tremendous crash/cravings/withdrawal from removing all added sugar from my diet. Normally giving up sugar cold turkey, has a serious hangover effect (so much so that I'll be sick and have a crazy headache for a couple of days). With the White Borneo, I only experienced a light craving for sugar for about a day after I quit it. It also gave me a little energy boost in the morning. I only take 3 capsules once per day. I'm looking forward to trying the Green Ma Daeng and White Sumatra next.

  • Christine
    Great quality, better price! February 18, 2019

    I discovered kratom within the past year while trying to find something to take for my pain that wasn't an opiate, and I'm glad I did. I tried some from a local gas station, not really knowing what to expect. After buying it there a few times I decided to find something online, researched a bit, and decided on purkratom. The variety pack is a great option for beginners who aren't sure which strain works best for them, or even to mix it up a bit, as I did. I'm very satisfied with the product I received and will most definitely be ordering from purkratom again!

  • Jodi
    Love it! February 17, 2019

    We have been buying from smoke shops but their products are low quality & high priced. Purkratom is high quality & low priced. I’m sold. I love their variety pack. You get to try the different strains at a low price.

  • Melisa
    Extremely satisfied February 17, 2019

    I have tried multiple different strains but premium Bali is my favorite. It is long lasting and the most potent of the strains that I have tried.

  • Wally
    Fast and effective February 17, 2019

    First time I have ordered from here. Product arrived quickly and worked great. It was nice having the option of a variety pack. Will use them again for sure

  • Brandy
    Highly recommend February 17, 2019

    Thanks for having a natural way to ease my anxiety and PTSD! Great products.

  • Cory
    Good but get powder February 17, 2019

    I used this as a first timer so I could try different types and previous reviews said capsules were just easier to take. Well I had to dose with a fairly large amount to get my desired effects. So logically I had to take several capsules at a time. They don’t last long at that rate. Bought the powder formulation at a store and was much happier. So cost effectiveness, quantity control, and my ability to handle the bitterness drove me to go with the powder this time around too. I’ll let ya know how that goes!

  • David
    Great Products February 17, 2019

    Love the quality and service

  • Carla
    Awesome product February 17, 2019

    I have loved every strain that I have purchased.

  • Ryan
    Great value and top-notch quality February 17, 2019

    I am a new Kratom user, and after much research on which vendor to go with, I opted for PurKratom. I was not disappointed. So far I have tried the Green Malay, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and White borneo strains. All are great, and I'm having trouble deciding which ones I want to keep in my cycle consistently. It would be hard to go wrong. Whether you are looking for mood enhancement, a clean energetic boost of energy, pain relief, or some combination of those, Kratom should be a close ally of yours. I will be ordering more very soon. Thank you, PurKratom.

  • Steve
    Excellent choice for sampling kratom February 17, 2019

    All three of the red varieties that I bought have been good. I haven't noticed any appreciable changes in mood or pain level after taking the prescribed dosages of three to five capsules, depending on red variety.

  • Tracy
    Good February 17, 2019

    Love variety!

  • Sally
    Kratom February 17, 2019

    These capsules are really helping me get through my afternoon pain and stress! I would definitely recommend!

  • Anthony
    Perfect order February 17, 2019

    Everyting requested was delivered—-try the different strains some work better than others.

  • Steven
    Good value - good product February 17, 2019

    Bought the Variety pack - the product is really good and I'll definitely buy again.

    On the go. February 17, 2019

    I like the capsule cause there good to take on the go.

  • Dylan
    Works great February 16, 2019

    Typical of the Kratom I’ve had from Purkratom (high quality).

  • Dylan
    Works great February 16, 2019

    Typical of the Kratom I’ve had from Kratomystic (high quality).

  • Lindsay
    Love all the items!! February 16, 2019

    I recently purchased the variety pack and so far I love all the items purchased. Will order more in the future. I do wish there were options for compressed pill form, instead of capsules. Large pills are hard to swallow. Ha ha! Overall very pleased with the product!

  • Tyra
    Great February 16, 2019

    Great product and great effects. I especially the red.

  • Michael
    Great Quality Product February 16, 2019

    This Kratom works great for my anxiety and PTSD. I highly recommend it!

  • Matthew
    Helps a lot with aches and pains February 16, 2019

    Kratom has been a lifesaver ever since I started buying it last October. I take 5 in the morning then 2-3 at a time every few hours, different straits have different potency but some strains, despite being less potent, work better in some ways, so I don't mind taking a little extra. My favorite variety pack mix is one kind of maeng da, one kind of bali, and one wild card kind.

  • Angel
    Nice idea February 16, 2019

    Variety pack is great to try different strands. Price point is higher than I have paid in the past (different vendor). Quality is good. I have found some strands work much better for me than others. For instance, Red Bali and Red Maeng Da are great for night time (pain and sleep) but have found the Red Kapuas and Red Vein Borneo don’t have the potency for me.

  • William
    Fantastic. February 16, 2019

    I love your products. Your company is great. I really hope credit card orders will be accepted again soon. Your products have really help me change my life for the better thank you so much.

  • Lesa
    Give it a try February 16, 2019

    PurKratom wisely offers a variety pack. Great for first-timers but also to help with tolerance. I’m impressed with PurKratom; quality, fairly quick ship and I like the packaging. Recommend.

  • Sherry
    Great company, Great product February 16, 2019

    First purchase and will not be my last. Not my first experience with Kratom, but these are high quality tablets at a fantastic price. First time trying a yellow vein and will definitely repurchase.

  • Anthony
    Everything as promised February 16, 2019

    It would be nice to get a bigger bottle. Quality of product is good. Try different strains, some work better than others.

  • Debra
    Great product! February 16, 2019

    Such a great deal and fun way to try out different strains!

  • Latoya
    Great Value February 16, 2019

    I purchased the variety pack due to the fact that I’m still trying different strains to figure out which works best for me. There are a few more I want to try and I will definitely get the variety pack again.

  • Derek
    Excellent February 16, 2019


  • Theresa
    Great relief February 16, 2019

    I had a cracked tailbone and this brought great relief of pain! Trust me. This really worked well. Can’t go wrong.

  • Alicia
    Variety is god! February 16, 2019

    The variety pack is the best way to go if you are new to Kratom and want to find the strain tht is best for your needs. Highly recommend!

  • Raymond
    Terrible February 16, 2019

    This stuff did NOTHING for my chronic pain, in fact all it did was give me a headache.

  • Raymond
    Terrible February 16, 2019

    This stuff did NOTHING for my chronic pain, in fact all it did was give me a headache.

  • Ryan
    Ryan February 16, 2019

    Long lasting. Quality product!

  • Phil
    Excellent product, excellent price February 16, 2019

    The Maeng Da strands are our favorite for both pain relief and general focus/energy improvement. The White Borneo has more of a calming effect. For the price there isn’t a better value around than the purkrarom three pack. There customer service is top notch as well.

  • Maurice
    TRUE PAIN RELIEF February 16, 2019

    I have an arthritic spine and no cartilage in either knee. Opioids work but PurKratom works best. The variety pack let's you try several strains (I love Gold Vein for my pain). Perhaps the best part is that PurKratom will accept your credit card. Not many suppliers do.

  • Sylvan
    Solid Value and Consistent Product February 16, 2019

    The variety pack allows you to try from among the many different strains offered here with a nice discount to boot. I have never been disappointed with any aspect of the process from transaction to packaging to quality. I have found a few favorites this way, and intend to keep exploring.

  • Maurice
    TRUE PAIN RELIEF February 16, 2019

    I have an arthritic spine and no cartilage in either knee. Opioids work but PurKratom works best. The variety pack let's you try several strains (I love Gold Vein for my pain). Perhaps the best part is that PurKratom will accept your credit card. Not many suppliers do.

  • carol
    Really works! February 16, 2019

    Their products are the best! You just have to find the ones that work for your needs. I needed energy and pain relief and let’s just say I’m happy!

  • carol
    Really works! February 16, 2019

    Their products are the best! You just have to find the ones that work for your needs. I needed energy and pain relief and let’s just say I’m happy!

  • Tracy
    Great February 16, 2019

    Love mixing and trying variety.

  • Jo
    Variety February 16, 2019

    The variety pack is a fantastic deal - Love trying different types to see what works best for me.

  • Ricky
    Working Great February 16, 2019

    My Arthritis pain has eased tremendous the Maeng DA is working compared to other products that keep your stomach upset I recommend!!!

  • Chris
    Variety is the spice... February 16, 2019

    Great way to try multiple strains to see what does the trick for you. Perhaps it's one strain, or a combination of two or three that achieve the desired effects. Purkratom is the only vendor I'm currently using. I've researched several online, but they know what they're doing. I've tried eight of their strains and been very pleased. Their cc-pay vendor caused some confusion on an order, but they made it very easy by instructing me to email my order and pay via PayPal.

  • Fari
    long term nerve pain February 16, 2019

    love the variety packs.. love finding the best strain for me

  • Fari
    long term nerve pain February 16, 2019

    love the variety packs.. love finding the best strain for me

  • Fari
    long term nerve pain February 16, 2019

    love the variety packs.. love finding the best strain for me

  • Fari
    long term nerve pain February 16, 2019

    love the variety packs.. love finding the best strain for me

  • Fari
    long term nerve pain February 16, 2019

    love the variety packs.. love finding the best strain for me

  • Fari
    long term nerve pain February 16, 2019

    love the variety packs.. love finding the best strain for me

  • Carla
    The best February 16, 2019

    I have tried Kratom from a couple of places but I always come back to Pukratom. Their quality, pricing and shipping speed are all way above the rest.

  • Tracy
    Good February 16, 2019

    Great product like trying different strains.

  • David
    Good For Pain Med Replacement February 16, 2019

    This is a good alternative for pain meds.

  • David
    Good For Pain Med Replacement February 16, 2019

    This is a good alternative for pain meds.

  • Ryan
    Awesome deal February 15, 2019

    Shipping very quick, and this is probably the best deal on the site . Allows you to mix and match so you can find what you prefer. Highly recommended !!

  • Pasqualino
    Not as good as the powder February 15, 2019

    Personally, these did not have the same effect as the same strains did in powder form and it becomes much more expensive, just to have them in capsules. I like the idea of having it in capsule form, but for now I will stick with the powder.

  • Chanda
    Great products February 15, 2019

    I love the variety pack. Purkratom has been a lifesaver for me. The variety pack helped me to try the different strains to see what works best for me.

  • Lisa
    Excellet Products! February 15, 2019

    The green Maeung da are one of my favorites. Helps pain and depression. the white borneo was good for the same. I haven't ordered in a little while and notice my depression has come back. I was able to go off my prescription anti-depressants and replaced opiates with kratom!

    WORTHLESS PURCHASE February 15, 2019


  • Kari
    Good product February 15, 2019

    I love the white sumatra the most. It gives me energy and helps me focus. They ship quickly too.

  • Sara
    Best stuff out there February 15, 2019

    This brand of kratom is the best for the quality and price!!

  • Sara
    Great Product February 15, 2019

    This brand of Kratom is by far the best out there, for the money and the quality!! I suffer from chronic pain and depression and this stuff helps with all of that. The only thing that I don't like about this brand, is that I cannot always use my credit card to pay for it!! They really need to fix there system once and for all!! Otherwise I love this website and there products!!

  • Ray
    I will never purchase or recommend this product. February 15, 2019

    I tried several of your products and they did not help me one bit. I would have got the same results by taking a sugar pill but much less costs.

  • Jess
    Premium Bali February 15, 2019

    The Premium Bali strain is one of my favorites. I have been using the variety pack option to try strains I have not and Premium Bali was one of those. Now I order that one consistently. It has a nice release of energy without making me jittery, yet it also elevates my mood and I notice the headaches I get often go away. Recommend this one! I think with any strain, you just need to try it and see how it works with your system.

  • Bob
    Great February 15, 2019

    Very high quality , never disappoints!

  • Susan
    Best product February 15, 2019

    I started taking kratom about 2 years ago and it has helped my chronic inflammation pain.

  • Susan
    Best product February 15, 2019

    I started taking kratom about 2 years ago and it has helped my chronic inflammation pain.

  • Catherine
    Love Purkratom Capsules February 15, 2019

    I'm a big fan of the Super Maeng Da Kratom & the White Borneo Kratom capsules. Both give me neck & back pain relief. The White Borneo also gives me an energy boost which I really like since pain can be so draining. I love the convenient capsules! The dosage says 5 caps. I find 4 caps is enough. Thank you Purkratom!!!

  • terrance
    Always a good experience February 15, 2019

    I started kratom almost a year ago. I deal with chronic pain, depression and anxiety. I was almost out of options until I stumbled upon kratom , gave it a try and it has been the "medicine" that I have needed for so long. I have never experienced negative side effects from this wonderful plant. I just wish I would have found it sooner :)

    Great February 15, 2019

    They were great and effective.

  • Melissa
    Highly recommended February 14, 2019

    The variety pack is great if you are knew to Kratom or just want variety. The super green ma daeng is my overall favorites for mood and focus, the white sumatra is a a close second for focus

  • Janine
    Great way to try new strains! February 14, 2019

    I've been happy with all types of kratom I've tried, but I love the option of the discounted variety pack. Makes it easy to try other strains!

  • April
    Favorite: White Maeng Da February 14, 2019

    I have tried several different varieties of Purkratom and the White Maeng Da is by far my favorite. The Green MD is also good but the White gives me the most pain relief and heightened energy. I deal with constant back pain and have recently discovered the annoyance of epicondylitis so I’ve been living on this stuff. Highly recommended.

  • Erin
    excellent! February 14, 2019

    A great way to try a few different strains! White Borneo is always one of my favorites, but the variety pack is offered at a great value and anything from PurKratom is always of the highest quality!

  • Sam
    Great starting place February 14, 2019

    I enjoy the ability to sample multiple strains and see what works best. The delivery was quick, and the product worked well. Not much more to ask for.

  • Carolyn
    great product! customer service is exceptional. They actually February 14, 2019

    Great product and service

  • Joe
    Green Maeng da February 13, 2019

    Thanks again for great product,fast shipping and easy ordering.

  • Brendan
    Always great February 13, 2019

    I have been ordering variety packs to try different strains and I am always happy with the quality and selection.

  • Brandon
    Good value February 13, 2019

    The variety pack is definitely the way to go. You get three different types, and it saves money. It's easy to use, and definitely will be purchasing again. Purkratom packages their material very secure, and they seem to be a professional organization. I have only had one issue, the package was los

  • JOHN
    Excellent February 13, 2019

    I ordered 3 red strains for pain and sleep aid. I like the savings with the pack, and the kratom is excellent (allow a few extra minutes for the caps to start working). Fast delivery too!

  • Richard Mc.
    PurKratom -- Where have you been all my life?! February 13, 2019

    Excellent quality, fantastic customer service. I recommend the variety packs to sample which strain works best for you. It really helps my mood, alertness and helps manage my chronic pain. I had gotten fed up with the problems I had ordering from their competitor, "E7#a Botanicals", and the quality control here is tops at PurKratom. Thanks!!

  • Cathy
    Great Value! February 13, 2019

    If you are new to Kratom, or just want to try out different strains, I highly recommend the variety capsule pack. I like to blend different strains for maximum effect and with the discount offered this is a great deal!

  • Willie
    ALWAYS top notch February 13, 2019

    The Variety Pack is my 'go-to' purchase when wanting to try a few different strains. Not to mention, Purkratom ships all orders promptly and I have always found the quality to be quite consistent. The best vendor of the ones I've tried!

  • Cole
    Best kratom! February 13, 2019

    Great quality and price!

  • Lawrence
    Convenient February 13, 2019

    Not as potent as powder but more convenient and a nice way to try strains at a discount

  • Crystal
    Perfect for all February 13, 2019

    I always get the variety pack and have never had any problems. I like that I can switch up the types I use every few months and try different kinds. This is one that is always in my cart at the end of the day. The Kristin is always perfect for what I need it for. You can’t go wrong .org this pack.

  • Mark
    Awesome October 29, 2018


  • Mark
    Awesome! October 29, 2018

    Highly recommend these strands and PurKratom!

  • Allen
    Great stuff! August 8, 2018

    It relaxes you without taking away your energy. Great stuff!

  • Patrick
    Best Kratom July 16, 2018

    This is the best supplier I have found. I have ordered from another site and it was not nearly as good. This stuff is very pure and extremely effective! The price is slightly hire than other sites but is well worth it. I normally order the Premium Bali, Red Maeng Da, and the Green Borneo. The Bali is a nice middle of the road and if you take the Maeng Da and the Borneo together it is amazing for any pain and a great mood booster.

  • angela
    Good stuff July 11, 2018

    Good to try different strains

  • Cameron
    Variety pack capsules July 7, 2018

    I recently bought the variety pack of the capsules and was very pleased with my expierience. Much better than the capsules ive been able to find elsewhere. Will definitely be returning for more!

  • Jason
    Excellent July 3, 2018

    Quick easy to use site. Great value.

  • Cyndy
    Good product June 29, 2018

    I wanted to try krantom for my arthritis. I wanted a safe alternative that was not a prescription drug, purkratom delivered exactly that! I will be ordering more, thank you purkratom.

  • Ross
    Great Product June 19, 2018

    Does everything that I wish Kratom would do. My anxiety is lower, my confidence is up and totally focused on the things that are important to make a fulfilling life

  • Timothy
    Great product! June 18, 2018

    Every type of kratom you offer is amazing and always delivers what you would expect from that strain. You guys are doing great! Thank you purkratom!

  • Daniel
    Great way to try different strains June 16, 2018

    I've always purchased Green Maeng Da and was hesitant to try strains. The variety pack is a great way to see which strain works best for you. I now enjoy Red Maeng Da as well. I will read more reviews of other strains and try them in the variety pack as well.

  • Joe
    Great stuff June 15, 2018

    Really like the green variety.

  • Mahaley
    Great product June 14, 2018

    I really enjoy this product. It has made my husband a better person all around. He is calmer and less moody.

  • Joseph
    Amazing June 12, 2018

    Continued great product

    Great! June 12, 2018

    Used quite a few times, always happy with customer service and shipping. Product is A+ compared to others before them. Thanks!

  • Ross
    Great Variety Pack June 12, 2018

    I found these three to be one of the most beneficial combinations for me. Low anxiety, energetic, and sociable. All three things I have problems with. Felt like my self again.

  • Sharon
    It received the variety pack super green, red and white maeng da June 11, 2018

    Super great vendor! Very Happy with my purchase! I will be placing all my kratom needs with purkratom!
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Caroline
    Love PurKratom June 11, 2018

    PurKratom is the absolute best when it comes to quality kratom. Don’t waste your money anywhere else!

  • James
    best bang for your Kratom! June 9, 2018

    I had my doctor check this stuff out and it had the same results and none of the negative side effects of the prescription I was taking. This has helped my pain a lot!

  • Josh
    Love it! June 9, 2018

    I’ve been going to numerous doctors for along time, and I have been on a lot of different medications that haven’t worked. Kratom helps with my anxiety, pain, and PTSD! Thank you PurKratom! I really wish y’all would send me some Bali because that’s my favorite.

  • James
    Good Overall Experience June 8, 2018

    I continue to get good results from this company. They have excellent customer service, and usually a great product. The only dissatisfaction I had with this last purchase was that the Red Bali capsules were quite inert. I had no effect at all after taking them, which is in no way the fault of Purkratom. I will continue to use their services, but I will just avoid that particular strain. Thanks Purkratom!

  • Mario
    Great Quality June 6, 2018

    Great quality products at a great price!

  • Heather
    Awesome June 6, 2018

    Great products and fast shipping. I also like how the capules are stored in bottles.

  • Christina
    Repeat customer June 5, 2018

    Great products, fast shipping.

  • Robert
    Great products at great value! June 3, 2018

    I’ve tried a few other Kratom companies - some caps some powders. I went with the caps this time because of the convenience. All the strains delivered what they promised. The ordering was very easy and secure - my order came in 3 days. Overall very good, would recommend to others. Will be ordering again. Thank you!

  • Janet
    Excellent Value May 31, 2018

    The variety capsule pack is an excellent value for the price. It gives you the opportunity to try different strains,and you get to pick which ones. I recently purchased my second variety pack. I selected my two favorites from my first order, but selected a different one to try for my third bottle. I will definitely be back for more, but will likely select three different ones to try. Overall, outstanding quality on all the ones I've tried, and I have a feeling that picking a favorite is going to be a challenge.

  • Brad
    Great product! May 27, 2018

    A little pricey but worth it!

  • Nathan
    Good again May 26, 2018

    Variety is good!

  • Gina
    Great May 25, 2018

    Great product. Wish there was an option for bigger quantitys.

  • James
    Awesome! May 24, 2018

    PurKratom has a great product, and even better customer service! A small hiccup resulted in one of my bottles being the wrong kind of kratom, and they IMMEDIATELY sent me the kind I originally ordered! I am now a customer for life!

  • RYAN
    Excellent May 24, 2018

    Very good vendor and products. Extremely satisfied.

  • Katja
    Great Trial May 23, 2018

    Best way to find the different strains that work for you.

  • carol
    Great energy! May 21, 2018

    I have become a loyal customer of PurKratom. Their products worked well for energy, staying focused and pain. The variety pack let’s you try different ones to see what works best for you.

  • Allen
    great! May 21, 2018

    all 3 work really well! great deal for high quality kratom

  • Brandon
    Great products and great site May 21, 2018

    First time trying Kratom. Looked at other websites to buy, but chose to make my first purchase on this site. It was recommended by a kratom blog. User friendly, easy to navigate, wide selection and fast shipping. Ill buy from here again.

  • Elisa
    perfect! May 21, 2018

    Love this stuff!

  • Elisa
    amazing service! May 21, 2018

    I love this service!

  • Johnny
    Satisfied May 20, 2018

    Quick shipping, high quality. Very pleased.

  • John
    Very pleased May 20, 2018

    I am very pleased, as always, with my order from purkratom. Quality is never a question, and shipping is always prompt. Satisfied.

  • Brad
    Great product! May 20, 2018

    The capsules are pretty pricey but the product is top quality.

  • Ashley
    Loved it May 20, 2018

    I absolutely love the variety packs. I've always been curious to try different strains but couldn't justify buying each one separately if I wasn't sure if they'd work for. With the variety pack I can try as many as I'd like for a discounted price. I've discovered new strains that I love. I've tried a lot of different Kratom from different sources. The quality of this Kratom is wonderful. If you are unsure on what to try I'd definitely recommend the variety pack.

  • Michael
    Great May 20, 2018


  • Mary
    Bali is best May 20, 2018

    I have only used the Bali kratom in the past and wanted to try a few others.
    Of the 3 I chose, Bali is still my favorite and will stick with it.
    It works very well in aiding me to cut back on my pain medication.
    And for those of you trying to get off of opiates, if you use Bali you will NOT withdraw. Some may argue with that but for me it really works!

  • Nichole
    Felt calm and pleasant May 19, 2018

    I was unsure about this product at first but had extra money so I decided to try the variety pack. After taking it I would have to admit I felt calmer, relaxed, and pleasant.

  • terrance
    good quality and works well May 19, 2018

    The products do what they say they will. I'm new to kratom and its been what I've needed for a long time both physically and mentally. The products are high quality and I'm very satisfied with the service.

  • Tom
    Awesome product May 18, 2018

    I have tried the Green Malay, Yellow vein and the green Sumatra before and continue to use them. They all help with my back pain.

  • Jennifer
    Best quality May 17, 2018

    So for Purkratom is my favorite place to order from, for me they have the best quality it seems.

  • patti
    Great product and fast shipping May 17, 2018

    Product is great. You can feel the quality difference. Shipping was very fast. The price is a little bit spendy, I wish they had books sales on capsules but like I said the quality is great So you get what you pay for.

  • Stephen
    Well satisfied May 15, 2018

    I'm pleased with the product and grateful for the purity testing.
    I particularly appreciate the promptness of delivery.

  • Edward
    Excellent Value May 14, 2018

    The variety capsule pack is an excellent way to experience the many different strains of this product. The variety options, and discounts really can't be beat.

  • Patricia
    Top Notch Company and Best Product May 14, 2018

    Been using the Premium Bali for almost a year now and love it! Apparently, so do a lot of other people. Always seems to be out of stock. Decided to try a variety pack. I picked: Premium Green Malay, White Maeng Da, and Green Vein Borneo. I think I may have found a new favorite! The White Maeng Da is awesome! Longer lasting with more energy but not too much. Only drawback is higher price but definitely a go to when out of my Premium Bali! Purkratom is the best!

  • Patricia
    Always top notch! May 14, 2018

    Been using the Premium Bali for almost a year now and love it! Apparently, so do a lot of other people. Always seems to be out of stock. Decided to try a variety pack. I picked: Premium Green Malay, White Maeng Da, and Green Vein Borneo. I think I may have found a new favorite! The White Maeng Da is awesome! Longer lasting with more energy but not too much. Only drawback is higher price but definately a go to when out of my Bali! Purkratom is the best

  • Danny
    Quality is fair. Not as potent as others on the market. May 14, 2018

    Overall, the product quality is fair. Having tried all the different strands, I don't really feel many benefits, as I had hoped.
    Customer service is great, as is the purchasing process and delivery.

  • Michael
    Tremdndous Products May 12, 2018

    Great caps. Very clean, and not one bit of loose powder in the bottle. I was impressed with the packing. Im buying another because these are best for on the go. I am also greatful it came with a yellow vein, as it is quite rare.

  • Joshua
    The red kapuas are just a weaker form of red vein in my opinion. The green Borneo mixed with red kapuas had a nice affect. The new yellow/golden capsule made me feel sick to my stomach. It’s a nice deal to see what works best for yourself but some blends May 12, 2018

    The red kapuas are just a weaker form of red vein in my opinion. The green Borneo mixed with red kapuas had a nice affect. The new yellow/golden capsule made me feel sick to my stomach. It’s a nice deal to see what works best for yourself but some blends can make you feel worse. The shipping and customer service is great!

  • Elizabeth
    Kratom is the only thing that works for me. May 11, 2018

    I’m so happy that I was able to make this purchase from this company. I’m in the middle of chemotherapy for recurrent breast cancer. I have periods of extreme pain and sleepless nights. Kratom is the only thing that’s helped for both conditions. Doctors won’t prescribe meds for sleep or pain even though I’m in chemo cycles. It’s almost cruel. Kratom is the answer for me. I haven’t tried all the varieties yet, but will try them eventually. When you have a major health condition for which you are prescribed multiple medications, you will find that some meds may have a sedative effect and some may have an amphetamine effect. The pull between these effects prevents the ability to rest. Kratom can balance this out so you can function properly, get some sleep, and get you on the road to recovery much faster than if you didn’t take it. I think I’ll keep taking it as long as I can still get it and give up any other sleep aids because they just don’t work for me.

  • Jennifer
    Good opportunity! May 10, 2018

    This is a great opportunity to try several strains with the discount. I'm newer to kratom and thought the green mang da was favorite and the variety confirmed it. I know I'll use this deal the next time I want to try something new!

  • Deana
    Thank you!! May 9, 2018

    I have been using Kratom for my back pain for a few months and PurKratom is the best. Their customer support is awesome and the quality is superb.

  • Dinah
    Chronic pain. Did not want narcotics. Also I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Kratom has helped me for both. Off pain meds and anxiety meds became of Kratom. May 7, 2018

    The best kratom I have tried. I have bought from other sources, but very happy with the strains of all Kratoms. Fast and efficient delivery. Highly recommend!

  • Tommy
    Perfect May 6, 2018

    Im very impressed, especially the white sumutra, gave me plenty of energy. The red kapaus was also superb ,helped alot with my leg pain. The green malay was perfect for a level relaxing day.

  • Charlotte
    Great!! May 5, 2018

    I liked that I could try different types. It helped to narrow it down some since there are so many. The website was easy to use. My order came when it was supposed to. I will use this website again and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Casey
    Quality and variety May 4, 2018

    I have used kratom from other sources online and stumbled upon purkratom.com while doing some research and to my delight I found a company I feel is the best all around. The information about the products are helpful, unlike other sites I've used to date, which made me confident making a decision on which product is right for me. I purchased the 3 variety capsule pack at a very very very reasonable price especially because the quality is the best I've experienced. I urge anyone curious about kratom or someone like me looking for a quality product at an affordable price with a company you can trust, AND quick shipping to look no further and give them a shot! A 5 star company all around and I've tried quite a few and none of them offers to help you or answer questions or replace a product that doesn't work for you! WOW! An honest company.... few and far between. Thank you!

  • John
    For Back Pain May 4, 2018

    Works amazing has really helped me with day to day back pains and makes me feel good all around body and mind .... Dealt with back pains for 13 years and this product really works .

    Excellent product. Excellent prices. Very fast free shipping ! May 4, 2018

    The best prices, quality, and shipping prices on the Internet. Love Purkratom !!

  • Sophia
    Variety May 3, 2018

    Really like the variety option to try new strains

  • Sophia
    Variety May 3, 2018

    Really like the variety option to try new strains

  • Ina
    Very Pleased May 3, 2018

    The herbal capsules work very quickly and are very effective.
    Purkratom has helped me greatly.. Oh, and this store ships super fast too....!!!

  • David R
    Consistentcy May 1, 2018

    The price, quality, value, and speed of shipping are always consistent with Purkratom.com. I am still exploring the various strains and "sub" strains to see what works best for me. Although many sites/blogs recommend avoiding capsules, my busy schedule makes them much easier, cleaner, and neater for me. This is an instance where paying a little more for convenience is well worth it. I look forward to exploring more varieties from Purkratom.com.

  • William
    Best Vendor on the Market May 1, 2018

    Thanks for the quick turnaround time on my last order. In regards to customer service, you rock! While I've tried a few other vendors and had nothing negative to say about them, Purkratom is head and shoulders above them.

  • Jon
    An excellent alternative to narcotics April 30, 2018

    PurKratom, no matter what variety or typ have been the most effective and healthier alternative than any prescription I have tried. The variety pack offers the best way to find the preferred type of Kratom to use. This site hast the best and most pure product on the market and they are customer oriented!

  • Aaron
    Ordered 3 new strains April 30, 2018

    The variety pack is a great way to try different strains.

    Best Product April 30, 2018

    Best product price and service.

  • Michael
    Great April 28, 2018


  • Kevin
    Variety pack April 27, 2018

    Variety packGreat way to try out different strains and pick your fave love it

  • William
    "As Advertised" April 26, 2018

    This is my first purchase/use of Kratom and I must say that the stuff is "as advertised". The individual strains performed exactly as indicated based upon my research. The red strains sedate while the white strains energize. Maeng Da is an effective painkiller. I chased the white Maeng Da with coffee in the morning and I was bouncing around my home office with crazy energy while my morning pain was gone. The variety pack makes the most sense when you want to try new strains before settling in on particular strains for particular problems/goals. Mine are mostly orthopedic issues associated with athletics.

  • Jonathan
    Great alternative April 26, 2018

    I switched to Kratom as an alternative to opiates for my back and knee pain. The variety pack is definitely a great way to get relief at a good price.

  • Vincent
    Good value, good product April 25, 2018

    Another great order from PurKratom. High quality stuff at reasonable prices. Thanks!

  • Alyssa
    Capsule Pack April 24, 2018

    This was an excellent deal! Now the options are limited. Still great for the starter.

  • Jill
    great product April 23, 2018

    love the variety pack

  • Chanda
    Great Product April 21, 2018

    PurKratom is a lifesaver. I have chronic unbearable pain and Kratom has helped tremendously. The Premium Bali Kratom is especially good for pain, but it is good to switch strains occasionally. Green Malay is a good strain for pain as well. I am greatful/thankful to have found this product!

  • margaret
    Used for pain April 19, 2018

    Good pain control from each one.

  • Brendan
    Very good April 19, 2018

    Very good quality and price

  • Jacque
    100% satisfactions April 17, 2018

    Great with back pain and migraines!

  • Jacque
    100% satisfaction April 17, 2018

    Great product for pain! I have horrible back pain and I get menstrual migraines and it has helped tremendously for both!!!

  • Depot
    Great all around April 17, 2018

    Very happy with the product, the turn around time, and the ease of purchase. Highly recommend.

  • Kevin
    Worked wonders April 17, 2018

    Worked wonders with the green strain in the white strain or more energetic! I'm a runner around a couple extra miles with these! Love them

  • Laura
    5 stars April 16, 2018

    Variety Caps Pack allowed me to try several products. This was very helpful since I am new to your company. White Maeng Da Caps are of great benefit for pain relief and assisting with calmness. Thank you.

  • Kathryn
    Wonderful April 13, 2018

    Excellent product exceptional quality

  • Brendan
    Good quality and price April 13, 2018

    I’m new to Kratom but I liked the variety pack since I was able to try out different strains and get a discount for doing so.

  • Sabrina
    Very Pleased! April 12, 2018

    I'm very pleased with this option to buy 3 at a discount. It's a great way to try new kinds without making a large dent in your wallet.

  • carol
    Green Maeng Da remains my favorite! April 11, 2018

    I ordered the 3 pack to try some diffrent strains to see how they worked. The Green Maeng Da remains my favorite. The other two made my stomach hurt and I felt nauseous. I couldn't take the rest of them without being sick on the stomach. But I could take the Green Maeng Da which was awesome. It gave me the energy I needed at work to stay focused!

  • Bernadette
    Red vein best April 8, 2018

    I tried all 3 and found the red vein best. It was great to try all three to see whichever was best for me.

  • Sandy
    Getting all my friends on the natural pain and anxiety reliever train. April 8, 2018

    I've been in the injury rehabilitation field for over 25 years and have several past clients that struggle with chronic pain and anxiety from their accidents. I tried your product for my own pain and anxiety and found it to be extremely helpful and I'm now happy to be able to pass this along to many who also have pain, anxiety and depression. It's a fabulous alternative to a lot of the prescription medications that people get hooked on. I absolutely love it and the free shipping makes it possible to help my friends too!

  • Jill
    Good variety April 8, 2018

    I really like variety packs because it allows you to try variety of strains.. greens and reds are generally my favorite. Some nice golds as well

  • Misty
    Thumbs up! April 6, 2018

    Great quality products and great prices.

  • Jessica
    3 different kinds tried April 6, 2018

    Nice to able get a variety and try different strains.

  • ashlee
    Variety pack April 5, 2018

    This was my first time ordering online so I was a little nervous about the legitimacy as well as the product but it exceeded my expectations! I received my package very quickly and I the red vein I ordered was amazing but the other 2 just weren't for me but every body is different and I like red more than the other I just wanted to try a different kind and see but i loved the easy and quick process as well as the quality of the product. <3

  • Lisha
    As Advertised April 4, 2018

    Red Veins are my new favorite!

  • Richard
    White Sumatra April 2, 2018

    The White Sumatra. Is the best! I introduced my wife to them and she loved them as well. Will definitely be ordering again!

  • Rick
    Quality products and service April 2, 2018

    Quality products and service

  • Rick
    Quality products and service April 2, 2018

    Quality products and service

  • Gene
    Great March 30, 2018

    Great great

  • Jill
    Can’t beat a discount March 28, 2018

    I really like the variety pack. I always select a red, green, and usually a Bali for a nice balance.

  • James
    New to Kratom March 26, 2018

    Only 2nd order from here still trying out different strains. So far all good experiences would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to try kratom. These variety packs are a super convenient way to try different strains and capsules are also extremely convenient.

  • Tonda
    Excellent!!!! March 21, 2018

    I decided to try this company based upon online research. I was not disappointed. My products were delivered quickly - a day earlier than the tracking information indicated. I have noticed an improvement in my back and neck pain. And, I am thinking more clearly. I will be purchasing from this company again!

  • Bernadette
    45.00 March 20, 2018

    Good opportunity to try three different types. I decided which one I wanted called their customer service department and they replaced at the two I didn't care for with the one that I did care for. Great customer service.

  • Jill
    Great product March 19, 2018

    I liked the variety pack as it gives you opportunity to try a few strains.

  • Jennifer
    Sample pack March 18, 2018

    They always ship incredibly fast and my orders have always been top-quality!

  • Lynn
    Excellent March 15, 2018

    I have tried each variety in this samples package and I found the Red strains are great for my pain. The green worked but not as well as the red. Kratom is a great product and Purkratom is the only site I will order from. Shipping was quick and free. Customer service seems to be excellent also.

  • Christy
    Great pain reliever March 14, 2018

    Works great for fibromyalgia and other pain associated with fibromyalgia

  • Jon
    Excellent pure product with excellent results March 14, 2018

    An excellent way to live stress and pain free. This product lives up to its claims.
    Excellent product and worth the money.

    Jon from Alaska

  • Maureen
    Best Combo March 13, 2018

    Best combo I've found so far

  • J
    Highly recommend March 13, 2018

    Great product I’ve tried several brands and purkratom is the superior brand

  • Christy
    Great mixed with the other strains for fibromyalgia relief March 12, 2018

    Great mixed with the other strains for fibromyalgia relief

  • Dawn
    5 stars!!! March 12, 2018

    Received quickly. Top quality totally satisfied. Will order again.

  • Adam
    First time user March 11, 2018

    I really enjoyed the product, I love herbal medicines for daily stresses aches and pains, I try not to go past that unless I am in dire need.

    I have some bad back pain and I can say that the Red Maeng da did a great job of reducing that pain, and relaxing me in general.

    I feel like the green strains are not for me, not that they are bad, they just didnt do anything to help with my uses. They give a little bit of all the properties but not a lot of any specific one. If you were to use it as a morning boost I think it would be okay, as it does not tire you or overly relax you like a red potentially could.

  • Samantha
    Variety pack: white, red and gold March 10, 2018

    I've been a kratom user for a long time but recently took a break for awhile and came back to it. Purkratom is the first place I've ordered from in years and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with them. They have capsules that are reasonably priced which can be difficult to find and I love that they offer the variety pack deal. I definitely recommend their white Sumatra, and their Bali is decent as well.

  • Samantha
    Variety pack: white, red and gold March 10, 2018

    I've been a kratom user for a long time but recently took a break for awhile and came back to it. Purkratom is the first place I've ordered from in years and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with them. They have capsules that are reasonably priced which can be difficult to find and I love that they offer the variety pack deal. I definitely recommend their white Sumatra, and their Bali is decent as well.

  • Brittany
    I ended up returning the other two, and within a day they responded and refunded me for the two I did not want, as I wanted to just try the green kratom first before buying the bundle. They helped me quickly and eased my worry. March 10, 2018

    I ended up returning the other two, and within a day they responded and refunded me for the two I did not want, as I wanted to just try the green kratom first before buying the bundle. They helped me quickly and eased my worry. Then shortly after I received the green kratom which really works wonders and provides me with great energy. This deal for three is excellent and will be purchasing shortly~!

  • Brandy
    Never received March 9, 2018

    I can't review products because they were stolen from my porch so i was unable to try them;(

  • Alyssa
    Variety Capsule Pack March 7, 2018

    The Bali varieties are truly great.

  • Lynn
    Have not tried yet March 5, 2018

    I ordered the Red Vein Kratom and this sample pack. I have not tried the varieties in the sample pack yet. However, I am fabulously pleased with the Red Vein Kratom I am using. I expect nothing less from these samples other than maybe a slight difference in effect. I am using for pain and works quite well.

  • Lynn
    Have not tried yet March 5, 2018

    I ordered the Red Vein Kratom and this sample pack. I have not tried the varieties in the sample pack yet. However, I am fabulously pleased with the Red Vein Kratom I am using. I expect nothing less from these samples other than maybe a slight difference in effect. I am using for pain and works quite well.

  • Deana
    Thanks Purkratom March 5, 2018

    I really enjoy the chance to try different strains. The green and the Bali work best for my pain and my mood. Give it a try !!!

  • jaimeo
    Awesome March 4, 2018

    I love being able to try different strains. Also great pricing

  • jaimeo
    Awesome March 4, 2018

    I love being able to try different strains. Also great pricing

  • jaimeo
    Awesome March 4, 2018

    I love being able to try different strains. Also great pricing

  • Betty
    Great March 4, 2018

    Thank you for providing consumers with a quality product at a great price. Excellent customer service is just as important as the product to me and Purkratom exceeded my expectations. I am a new customer and most assuredly will order again for you. Can't wait to share your website with my friends and family who also enjoy the benefits of this great product.

  • Derek
    Amazing March 2, 2018

    Excellent product and customer service.

  • Lee
    Great service and great product March 2, 2018

    I really enjoy the variety pack you offer it allows me to purchase my routine strand I get every other week while allowing me to also try out a new strand each time! Your kratom is the freshest I’ve found anywhere and I am allways happy with the price!

  • Bryce L
    Like the 3 discounts March 2, 2018

    Compared to other that sell capsules the quality and pricing is great. We ordered 2 (3) packs. We are retuning customers. Capsules make it very easy to take dosing on the go. We will order again. We have order from others before and always have trouble with quality and how they are packaged.

  • William
    Great Service! March 2, 2018

    I'm relatively new to the world of kratom and figuring out which strains/combinations work best for me. The variety pack has allowed me to mix and match. I like the Red Vein for pain relief, and Maeng Da for a gentle mood lift. PurKratom has been easy to order from and deliveries have been super quick. They're an easy winner over other vendors!

  • Amanda
    Quality March 1, 2018

    Still the highest quality and most fair priced kratom of all online vendors

  • Chanda
    Love the variety pack February 28, 2018

    I like the Premium Bali Kratom the best so far. I love the variety pack option so I am able to try the best kinds that work for me.

  • Angela
    Love Purkratom! February 28, 2018

    I decided to try the variety pack this time. It seemed like an easier (and less expensive) way to try different kinds. They were all great, although I do prefer the green maeng da over the super green maeng da. Great price and great products! Thank you, Purkratom!

  • Gregory
    First time buyer. Won't be the last time. February 27, 2018

    This variety pack is great for beginners. I was able to test different strains and doses and kind of establish that baseline for future purchases. Unfortunately, my white maeng da went to waste, it did not work well for me at all. The red was good for the morning pick me up. Overall, I like the super green maeng da. My next order is in the cart, just need to call CS and see what we can do about my white maeng da issues. Good stuff tho... I'm excited for the future with less anxiety and pain.

  • Meg
    Good product February 27, 2018

    Will purchase again.

  • Don
    Great way to try new, to me, strains February 27, 2018

    New to Kratom so this a great way to try different strains.

  • Meg
    Good product February 27, 2018

    Having never purchased from this vendor before, I decided to try the variety pack to try some different strains to see which worked best for me. I was very happy with all 3 of the strains I purchased (red kapuas kratom, white sumatra, and red bali). I use kratom primarily for pain relief and found that the red bali was most effective in that area. Both of the reds also gave a general feeling of well-being and calm. I did find the red kapuas to be less sedating than the bali and also longer acting. The products arrived quickly and were good quality. Will use this vendor again.

  • Gregory
    First time buyer. Won't be the last time. February 26, 2018

    Researching some pain management options is what led me here. I bought the variety pack with red and white maeng da, and a super green. My results were immediate and sustaining. Which appears to be temporary. Nevertheless, I am currently working on my second order, but haven't decided on which strains yet.

    After being on opiates for 10+ yrs... I am very excited about the potential of Kratom.

  • Jon
    The Real Deal February 26, 2018

    Great product! It really works!

  • Kelli
    Lifesaver February 26, 2018

    It's made a huge difference in my energy and mood.

  • John
    Good as always! February 26, 2018

    The red maeng da was awesome! Will be ordering more in the future.

  • Alyssa
    Kratom Value Pack February 26, 2018

    Bali and red vein have proven quite beneficial. Both have provided tremendous therapeutic effects as a chronic pain sufferer.

  • Carla
    Love it February 26, 2018

    I loved this variety pack. It allowed me to try different strains of Kratom so I would know which was best for me. What an awesome deal.

  • natasha
    Excellent February 25, 2018

    Enjoy these prices are great

  • Bernadette
    Variety pack February 25, 2018

    I ordered the three pack, red vein, super green maeng da and Red maeng da.
    To be fair I tried each one separately for 2 days to give it a chance. I got absolutely nothing, zero, zilch, from the red and super green. The red vein however seem to work. I sent an email to the support group so we'll see how
    they Rectify this. Until then I'm not going to write a review.

    Admin: Hello Bernadette, Thank you for your review! We are working on sending out a replacement order for you.

  • Kelli
    Lifesaver February 25, 2018

    I wanted something to help my daughters' manage the excruciating pain of endometriosis and my husband with his back pain that wasn't an opioid. I researched pain relief options looking for a quality product and supplier. I started with avape shop. The quality put me off. I finally decided to try purkratom. I was worried anout buying gtom an online company. It was the right decision and now it's the only place I trust.

  • Antonio
    Quality February 24, 2018

    Great for all types of pain relief as well as feelings of stress and anxiety. Great price considering the length of effects.

  • Ian
    Awesome variety February 23, 2018

    Can't beat the variety pack, get to try all the different kinds at a good price. Great customer service as well.

  • Julia
    Excellent February 23, 2018

    Excellent quality and customer service!

  • Sara
    Fast shipping February 19, 2018

    Very satisfied!!

  • Jeffrey
    Yes, It Works February 19, 2018

    I ordered the variety pack and am still in the process of figuring out which strain works best for me (I honestly haven't been able to detect much difference yet) . I'm pleased, though, that taking only two capsules seems like the right dose for my mild back pain and anxiety issues. From my ordering experience and the reviews I read before I ordered, I can attest that Purkratom is committed to a quality product and good customer service. My only complaint is that their website doesn't really give you much information on the different qualities of the various strains -- I went to another website for that and then came back to Purkratom to order. I'm definitely planning to order from them again.

  • Mark
    Great February 18, 2018

    Great intro to kratom!!

  • Erin
    Energy February 18, 2018

    The white Maeng Da and the green Malay are the best for energy. It gets me going enough in the morning without having the evening crash. I am way more productive when I take these two.

  • Jill
    Great product February 18, 2018

    Great product! Ships fast!

  • Heather
    awesome February 17, 2018


  • Lee
    Very pleased February 17, 2018

    I was very happy with my purchase the product is very fresh! I like the variety pack a lot and the price is great!

  • Lee
    Very pleased! February 17, 2018

    Yes I am very pleased with my order the quality of your kratom is great, it is the best I have found! And the variety pack is perfect it allows me to purchase the strands I know I want and at the same time try out new strands! Thank you all very much for your services!!

  • Annie
    Awesome! February 16, 2018

    This is a great deal. Fast shipping. Great quality!

  • John
    Awesome! February 16, 2018

    Love their variety option. A great deal!

  • John
    Love this strain! February 16, 2018

    Been buying from this site for months now and I am satisfied every time! Their red Maeng da is awesome and a new favorite!

  • James T
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ February 16, 2018

    Variety pack was perfect for me, I got the Super Green M.D, Super Green Indo, and Red Bali. I will not be using my *money back guarantee*.

  • Pam
    Variety pack is great! February 16, 2018

    The variety pack is a great way to investigate the benefits of Kratom. Of the 3
    I ordered, I found that the Red Vein suited my needs the best (so far). I plan on trying other strains to really determine what works best for me. I have an autoimmune disorder and was looking for an alternative to pain meds and steriods. Kratom seems to be a godsend...the result is subtle, but effective. I'm impressed by this company - my order arrived very quickly (free shipping) and was professionally packaged. I'll be placing another order soon!

  • Corey
    Great product February 15, 2018

    New to Kratom but have tried a couple different brands and veins been taking a couple red vein Kapuas and green vein borneo together for back pain and anxiety and has helped me get through my long work days feeling good and haven’t got nauseous like I have with other Kratom brands

  • Chaz
    As Advertised February 15, 2018

    I looked around a while or an online store that I trusted and liked. This is good, clean, and effective. Highly reccomend

  • Matthew Brown
    Best product I've used. Just to expensive. February 15, 2018

    The quality of the product is the best I've ever used to treat my opioid withdrawal and chronic pain, nerve damage, bulging disc's, and other things. The price is steep though. I just can't afford it.

  • Nickie
    Very Pleased February 14, 2018

    Very happy with this purchase, such a great way to try different strains

  • Greg
    Excellent February 14, 2018

    Excellent effects, expensive

  • Tirza
    Summary of product February 10, 2018

    I tried all 3 different stains at different dosages and never felt anything.

    Admin: Hello Tirza, Thank you for contacting us! Tirza, these strains may not be for you since everyone is different. Please contact our support team and we will ship to you any additional strains at no cost to you.

  • Lukas
    Happy Customer! February 8, 2018

    All three types in the variety pack were excellent quality and provided me with the varying effects I needed depending on my pain level. I would recommend this product offering to anyone looking for options when it comes to your daily kratom needs.

  • Thomas
    Great product! February 8, 2018

    The quality is great and the convenience of capsules is way better especially when you don't have time for tea.

  • Amanda
    Setting the bar high February 8, 2018

    Yet again, I’m amazed at the quality of the kratom of each and every strain. Once you order from here, you will not want to order from anywhere else !

  • Amanda
    Setting the bar high February 8, 2018

    Yet again, I’m amazed at the quality of the kratom of each and every strain. Once you order from here, you will not want to order from anywhere else !

  • Jason
    Great product February 8, 2018

    Arrived quickly. Will order again.

  • Chris
    High Quality February 5, 2018

    I am very satisfied with PurKratom. The product was high quality and came with fast shipping. Thank You!

  • Casey
    Monthly customer February 3, 2018

    I love the green Kapuas! And the red vein

  • Jena
    Great February 1, 2018

    Great way to try different strains

  • April
    Not satified January 31, 2018

    Very disappointed. The maeng da gave me a stomach ache. The green kapus had no affect. The white maeng da was just ok.

    Admin: Hello April, We are very sorry to know the strains did not meet your needs, which is common at times since not all strains affect everyone the same. please reach out to our support staff and we will reship 3 different strains at no cost.

  • Kristopher
    Great. January 30, 2018

    Great quality and priced vary fair. Iv'e tried many other brands but not a one compares to the quality of the super green maeng da kratom.

  • Kristopher
    Great. January 30, 2018

    Great quality and priced vary fair. Iv'e tried many other brands but not a one compares to the quality of the super green maeng da kratom.

  • Wendy
    Premium Bali is great! January 30, 2018

    I’m new to kratom so I was skeptical as to whether or not this would help me with my chronic back pain, anxiety and insomnia. Still trying to figure out the right dosage for me. Was disappointed with the red and green kratom I received as I must be sensitive to those strains because I had horrible tension headaches after taking it and noticed my mood changed as well to slightly irritable . Also put me in a weird funk the next day. The premium Bali has been great for my anxiety and insomnia at night though. Little disappointed with it taking five days to get here as well. I live in South Florida as well. Did get some pain relief with the Green Maeng Da but wasn’t worth the massive headache and moodiness I had.

    Admin: Hello Wendy, Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry to know the Red and Green caused a negative effect on you. Kratom does affect everyone differently, however, please contact our support staff and we will ship to you 2 strains of choice at no cost.

  • Penny
    I'm an anxiety suffer and I also have chronic low back pain January 29, 2018

    The service was amazing my product came in two days the product was great too Red Malay did nothing for me though but the green and white are great I recommend highly and will be purchasing again thanks. purkratom

  • Sam
    A January 28, 2018

    Great quality, however high price but it is still worth the money

  • Ismael
    Best place to buy kratom! January 25, 2018

    Purchasing the variety packs is the best way to find out which kratom strains best suit your needs. I’m so glad Purkrarom.com offers this purchase option.

  • domenic
    The best. January 25, 2018

    Great quality products and amazing customer service. I will always order from PurKratom. The powders are fresh and potent.

  • domenic
    The best. January 25, 2018

    Great quality products and amazing customer service. I will always order from PurKratom. The powders are fresh and potent.

  • Amanda
    The best natural product January 24, 2018

    Whether a boost, focus, sleep, or pain relief is needed. Kratom should be your go to source .

  • Barbara
    First time For capsules January 24, 2018

    Excellent thank you.. I can no longer stomach the powder, so I tried the capsules.. Great pain reliever, great experience, high quality products..

  • Amanda
    It really works ! January 22, 2018

    Hands down the best natural product on the market .

  • Regina
    Chonic back pain for over 20 years January 22, 2018

    I have been on opiates and pain pills for over 20 years due to chronic back pain. I thank God that he lead me to your site. Want to get off these pain pills for some time now. I have already reduce my pills from what I had been taken daily. I think the reds do me the best . But I do mix in the green and white some to help with the pain. And I do feel like doing things again . Have more endurance, which before I didn't have. All and all my body feels like my old self before I had to take pain meds. That in itself speaks volumes. Just wish that there were more in each bottle (quantity) ,and a little bit cheaper.

  • Josh
    Great January 22, 2018

    Great product, fast shipping, definitely recommend.

  • Levi
    Just give it a shot you won’t be disappointed January 21, 2018

    Amazing product would recommend to anyone!

  • Steve
    Great capsule sample pack January 20, 2018

    I ordered the white, red and green Maeng Da Kratom and it has made it easy to figure out what works best for me. Thanks PurKratom!!

  • Maureen
    mellow January 19, 2018

    very mellow and mild. good for anxiety

  • edward
    3 variety pack January 18, 2018

    The three I pick worked I got red and white mengda and red Bali I will definitely be ordering again thanks for a good product

  • Melissa
    Melissa January 17, 2018

    We love purkratom.com get product great price. Customer for life!

  • Tania
    Great product and customer.service January 17, 2018

    Great quality and awesome customer service. Very pleased

  • TOM
    Awesome product January 16, 2018

    Got the variety pack. Super green ma daeng, super indo Bali and yellow vein. All products were good, relieved my back pain, gave me energy and made me in a good mood. I will buy all three again

  • Mary
    Excellent product! January 15, 2018

    I had been buying kratom from my local shop, but these win in quality and value. Will be ordering again!

  • keirnan
    Looking forward to purchasing again! January 15, 2018

    Great quality and fast shipping.

  • Deana
    Great January 15, 2018

    This is a great way to tweek the strains that suit you. Thanks Pur for offering this.

  • Samuel
    Great Product and fast shipping! January 15, 2018

    Received the product very quickly and it is of very high quality!

  • John
    A Great Choice January 15, 2018

    The variety pack is a great choice both in terms of value and for someone looking to sample some of the different strains offered.

  • Burt
    Great Deal! January 15, 2018

    I just discovered the variety pack when I made my last order. Not only do you get to choose from a variety of strains but you also receive a 15% discount in the process. I chose Red Kaupus, Yellow Vein and Gold Vein. I had never tried these before. The Red Kaupus did not do much for me but I was satisfied with the other two. If you are wanting to try out the various strains, this is the way to go. Good product!

  • John
    Excellent January 14, 2018

    I have congenital disc disease and subsequent scoliosis, one bulged disc in my neck and 2 more disks in my back, one rupture and one bulge. The constant pain wears on you. I get out and do what I can, worked over 20 years as a welder, fabricator, etc.I have taken about every known pharmaceutical pain pills and after I broke my back and ribs and punctured lung in 99 I can tell you the government and dea suck.that said, I have gone to mostly natural remedies and after much trial and error and cost kratom saves lives. Pur kratom is old school, where the customer is first. As far as kratom, red vein and white Sumatra work amazing for my system 5 and 5 of each twice a day expensive but worth it.

  • Amanda
    . January 13, 2018

    First and only purchase from purkratom. Three different strands and not one good one.

  • Amanda
    Variety pack January 12, 2018

    Wonderful product

  • Chris
    Positive experience. January 11, 2018

    Great quality. Fast shipping. All around good experience.

  • John
    High Quality, Good Prices January 10, 2018

    I bought Kratom locally at much higher prices and less quality before finding Purkratom. The variety pack allows you to sample 3 different types. It's a nice energy boost in my mornings, cleaner and more pleasant than coffee.

  • Sandy
    Life Changing Natural product! January 8, 2018

    I'm really happy with all the strains I've tried thus far. It's helps with sleep, pain, fatigue and anxiety. So much better to go natural than pharmaceuticals!

  • Talmadge
    Good quality products January 8, 2018

    Easy to take capsules. However, one capsule was empty but not a problem. Good quality.

  • James
    Two out of three... January 8, 2018

    Great price and quick shipping! Unfortunate the quality of the Red Maeng Da leaves something to be desired. It may simply be a bad batch, but even after taking 4 grams (8 pills) there was absolutely no effect. In contrast both the Premium Bali and Red Mali were excellent at 2.5 grams (5 pills)

  • Sandy
    Life Changing Natural product! January 7, 2018

    The natural way again is best. I found your Kratom products to be the quality and effectiveness as advertised. I love taking herbal remedies as opposed to the unnatural pharmaceutical alternatives.

  • Deana
    Love it January 7, 2018

    Variety pack is a great way to try different strains. I found so far that the white works the best for me. Thx Purkratom

  • Melissa
    Ben and Melissa January 6, 2018

    I wanted to try some new things along with getting my husband his favorite White Meng Da. So the trusty White Meang Da was great as usually for his back pain. Reduced the vicoden he was taking from 3 a day to 1 a day. I wanted something for energy and tried the White Sumatra and it delivered exactly what I needed. Tried the Red Vein and did not see much results from that one. We still love Purkratom.com nice quality, we love the capsules and we will be back.

  • Clayton
    Great January 5, 2018

    Very familiar with kratom, but this is a great way to try this particluar product. Highly recommend.

  • Maureen
    great January 3, 2018

    great value

  • James
    Good buy to experience and sample the variety January 3, 2018

    I really liked the quantity, and quality of this product. My only concern is that it was very similar in price to that of my regular store I buy from. I figured that by buying from an online store and bigger quantity, that the price would be less. Especially for first time buyers. All in all, I would still tell my friends to buy here.

    Valu January 3, 2018

    Great value on the bulk packs.

  • Nickie
    Very Pleased January 1, 2018

    Product arrived on time and quality is great! I emailed Purkratom with a question and they responded within 2 hours. I was really impressed with how easy it was to communicate with them!!

  • Leonard
    It Helps January 1, 2018

    Cannot take Nsaids of any sort due to kidneys and must rely on oxy which I don't like taking. Tried the variety pack and am still experimenting with both dosage and type. Six capsules seem to work for me with mixing all three in combination. Customer service is great and shipping with super fast.
    Would recommend the company and products.

  • Joseph
    Consistent January 1, 2018

    Consistently a great purchase

  • Heather
    This product is very good! I have chronic pain and this product has been wonderful to maintain an active life. December 30, 2017


  • Anthony
    Great as always! December 29, 2017

    Just discovered the variety pack and, at that price, I was pleasantly surprised. Loving the product as always.

  • Alejandro
    Low potency December 28, 2017

    Gave all three a shot...used as directed on an empty stomach and the effects were minimal compared to other products.

    ADMIN: Hello Alejandro, Most likely the 3 strains you tried were not the best for you. Please contact support and we will ship 3 different strains of your choice at no cost.

  • Amy
    Stilltrying different dosages of the 3 strains December 27, 2017

    I find the capsules to be pricey but I understand the labor and time required is part of the expense. I prefer the capsules so much more than the powders because I don't like the taste or texture of the powders plus the dosage is easier to control

  • Barry
    All around Great December 24, 2017

    Shipping was quick and received product within days. New to Kratom and enjoyed each of the varieties greatly - Red Maeng Da, Premium Bali & Red Maly capsules. My main goal was to help with post op pain and all 3 strains worked wonderfully. I found premium Bali my favorite overall followed by Red Malay though all were effective for reducing pain and muscle tension in my neck as well as for an overall tingly body & slightly relaxing effect. I've noticed a huge improvement in my RlS too! I already have some more on the way!

  • Daniel
    Love this December 21, 2017

    Great way to try out new products that you are unsure of

  • Peter
    Great Muscle Relaxer December 18, 2017

    After a hard workout at the gym i take 4 of these and the work like a charm... They help relax my muscles and I am not sore the next day. strongly recommend!

  • Kathleen
    Recommends December 17, 2017

    These are vety helpful for anxiety and pain.

  • Daniel
    Great price December 15, 2017

    Nice to try a variety

  • Daniel
    Very pleased December 15, 2017

    Great value to try out a variety of new products for purchase

  • Linda
    Capsules December 13, 2017

    The capsules are very handy if traveling. I like the Maeng da for its focus abilities. It helps me get thru the day.

  • David
    Great product and service December 12, 2017

    Great product and service . Free delivery and both times I have ordered it arrived in 4 days. Price is decent for capsules after the discount. Quality of product is top notch. Ordered red green and white meang da and the red works great for pain and relaxation, white is great for energy without the jitters, and the green is a good balance of the two . Larger doses of the red also produce significant euphoria . Gonna rest some of the other strains going forward for comparison

  • Linda
    Maeng Da capsule review December 11, 2017

    Professional service with ordering - providing order statement. Well organized. Product is mailed promptly. Capsules of Maeng Da are a little more expensive however very convenient. if traveling. One capsule gives me focus and desire to get something done - helps me be productive. Too much coffee gives me jitters - one capsule does not give me any bad side effects. Seems to last all day. I do not use every day as I don’t want to built up a tolerance to it. Great product- great service!

  • Mary
    amazing! December 11, 2017

    Im so impressed by the quality of this! The variety pack is so affordable. Im so glad I found them! It makes trying new strains very easy!

  • Pearson
    Good quality December 10, 2017

    Good selection. Great service. Pretty good prices.

  • Melinda
    Convenient December 7, 2017

    Good products. Love being able to try different varieties

  • julia
    Fantastic Product for pain and anxiety! December 7, 2017

    Awesome products for pain control and anxiety!! I will be buying again! Thank you!

  • Phillip
    Great for on the go days! December 7, 2017

    I am new to the Kratom universe. While researching alternatives for my chronic back pain from stenosis and bulging discs I came across Kratom. After a couple weeks of research I decided to give it a try. I also carefully researched vendors of Kratom and chose PurKratom based on their reputation. Har core Dr. prescriptions didn’t help and made me feel like a zombie. Kratom has given me my life back! All 3 strains work perfect and do what I need them to do when I need them to do it - FAST. Thank you Purkratom for providing quick and easy access to a truly high quality product that I can trust. God bless you!

  • Kathy
    Works great! December 7, 2017

    I recommend this!

  • Kathy
    It works! December 7, 2017

    Great for anxiety and pain.

  • Kathy
    It works! December 7, 2017

    Great for anxiety and pain.

  • julia
    15 December 6, 2017

    Awesome product for pain relief and anxiety!!! Exceptional!

  • Jenna
    Excellent product! December 4, 2017

    Purkratom always delivers the best quality Kratom with the best prices! I’ve always been super happy with their products and will continue to shop here for all my Kratom needs! Fantastic product and excellent value!

  • Tom
    Good product December 4, 2017

    I bought the variety pack, got the white, red and green Maeng Da Kratom. I like all of them. The white seems not as strong as green and red. But still liked the white. I work 2 jobs and both are really physical. I take Kratom cause it relieves my back problem and dire ache joints. I'm new to Kratom and will continue to buy it.

  • Alex
    good November 26, 2017

    The variety pack was good for me Because I'm new to Kratom and I didn't know which one would work best for me I chose the deal for the 3 variety pack it turns out that all 3 Were good Each having a different effect though. Superb products !

  • James
    Excellent November 26, 2017

    Excellent product quality, and if you hate trying to down the disgusting powder the capsules are the way to go!

  • Darrin
    Very pleased with my purchase November 25, 2017

    The purkratom products are quality kratom , I use these for nerve damage related pain, and to boost my productivity . Being in pain causes me to slow down and not be able to work as fast as I'd like, the Pur kratom is my go to supplement. It's fast effective relief is very much appreciated.
    Thanks for a great product I have used other kratom product companies in the past and haven't received much relief, your shipping was fast as well thank you.

  • Kathleen
    Good stuff! November 22, 2017

    Helps with pain and anxiety!

  • CD
    Makes me sick November 22, 2017

    This was my first experience using kratom and so I really wanted it to work for me. However, I get sick every single time I take these capsules regardless of the dose. I’m so frustrated. I get nausea and severe eye pain even when taking just one 500 mg capsule. I feel like I wasted my money. I got the red vein the first time— got sick. So I got the variety pack thinking it was just that particular strain—sick again regardless of the strain. I’m wondering if the capsules just aren’t for me and maybe I need to get the dried leaves and make into a tea? I’m just so disappointed not sure what the problem is. The delivery as fast, and packaging was good, but that was the only good part.

    Admin: Hello CD, please contact our support team for a full refund. If you are interested in an alternative strain, perhaps a different one may work, we will gladly ship one at no cost. We may also ship you powder if you would like to go this route also. We will await for your contact.

  • Stacey
    The right vendor makes all difference!! November 19, 2017

    I am new to Meat on and had previously purchased from another vendor. I found Purkratom through online research and reviews and decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the quality was way better! I had no clue that finding the right vendor would make such a big difference! I have already placed my second order from Purkratom. Great product selection, great quality, and great prices!! The free and quick shipping was also a huge plus! Definitely the only place I will buy from here on out!

    Great Product! November 17, 2017

    I am so happy that I finally found a reliable vendor! My favorites are Red Maeng Da & White Maeng Da capsules! The red really help with focusing and pain management, the white help keep you energized when you most need it! Thanks for providing high quality products and customer service! Diana

  • Teresa
    White and Green November 15, 2017

    The White and Green Maeng work great for me. The red does not agree with me. Love this company.

  • Kimberly
    1rst time to buy Kratom November 14, 2017

    I loved the product and will being using this vendor again. It really helped with the pain I had after surgery.

  • Michelle
    Wonderful November 13, 2017

    I really love buying my kratom in the variety pack. Not only do I get a discount, I'm also able to order the different kinds that are helpful to me.

  • Kathleen
    Love it. November 12, 2017

    Works well for anxiety and pain.

  • Jacob
    My new "go-to" site!" November 11, 2017

    Love this package deal. Haven't seen any other vendors that offer a discount for buying several strains at a time. Cost friendly and wonderful kratom to be bought on this site!

  • Tracie
    awesome November 10, 2017

    You folks are absolutely incredible!!!! I will continue to purchase only your products! Thank you all so very much for saving lives!
    Much respect and thanks!

  • Alan
    Quality product & customer service November 10, 2017

    Quality product & Great customer service. They were fast in Answering all my questions, fast shipping as well. I give it 5 stars !

  • Garrett
    Capsules November 9, 2017

    I really like purkratom and the quality they provide. All around great company and great deal to try different strains of Kratom.

  • Danielle
    Works Great! November 9, 2017

    I've had a very positive experience with these products. They do help with pain as well as give you energy or help you sleep.

  • Tom
    Works well for pain November 8, 2017

    I purchased a variety pack and although there are slight differences between each of them, they all seem provide pain relief. I found the recommended dosage of five capsules was not necessary, as two to three was sufficient.

  • Mary
    Liked some more then others. November 7, 2017

    I was very impressed with the fast shipping. I enjoyed the red vein and green malay very much. The red vein seemed to help my back pain. The green malay gave me more energy, and overall good feeling. However the white maeng da didn't really have much of an effect for me.

  • Hope
    Try it November 6, 2017

    Awesome stuff

  • Hope
    Stuff is amaz ing November 6, 2017

    Love it

  • Kbeck
    1rst time user November 6, 2017

    I really loved the variety pack and the quality of the product as a first time user.

  • Neal
    Worked! November 5, 2017

    Worked as advertised... be careful of tolerance/addiction

  • Justin
    Chronic Low back pain (fusion) November 3, 2017

    Quality product delivered quickly will return for more

  • Peter
    Great Choice! November 1, 2017

    The Variety Pack is a great way to check out how you respond to these 3 different types. The Green helps my muscles recover after a hard workout at the gym. The White helps clear my mind and enhances my focus. Am looking forward to trying the Red! If you want to try a variety -- I strongly recommend!

  • Michael
    I’ll be back! October 29, 2017

    Great quality of product. Slightly more expensive than other vendors used, but again, great quality.

  • Stephanie
    1 October 29, 2017

    Went through these pretty quick. Capsule are convenient for on the go. It’s also a really great deal when your trying different strains

  • Tracie
    amazing! October 26, 2017

    Thank you!!!!

  • Joseph
    Excellent October 26, 2017

    Capsule form is more expensive but ultimately the kratom was very effective

  • Jennifer
    Great value October 23, 2017

    Great deal

  • Cheryl
    Can’t go wrong October 23, 2017

    After 10+ years of taking hydrocodone I was determined to wean off. In researching online, I came across Kratom.
    I took the Bali. It worked wonders. It eased any withdrawals I had. I think the most important thing for people to know is that the dose is key. The bottle instructed 5 capsules as a daily dose. Tried that with no luck. Although you wouldn’t think it makes sense, I tried 3 capsules in the morning then 2 capsules in the afternoon. Wow!
    I wanted to experiment with different strains so the variety pack was the way to go.
    Loves the green Maeng da as well as the white. Both gave me energy, focus and a feeling of well being.
    Tried the Red Vein and that made me very mello, relaxed and sleepy.
    So...I take either the Bali or maeng da’s during the day and red to go to sleep.
    I’ve had a tough time staying asleep and that is no longer an issue since taking the red at bedtime.

  • Tracie
    amazing! October 23, 2017

    I cannot say enough good about the customer service and product!!!!! You guys are so helpful and kind! The product you provide is amazing. Thank you all so much for all of your time and for providing a life saving product!!!

    Best Quality, Best Options, Best Price! October 19, 2017

    The variety pack for me is the best option because I love all (3) of these products and can't beat the price or the quality! This vendor has the fastest shipping and they do not disappoint! This is where I will be ordering from now on...Thanks so much!

  • Averi
    First time buying a variety pack October 18, 2017

    I wanted to try different strains so I went with the variety pack. I am very glad that I did. It gave me a chance to try other strains. The only one I didn't care for was the white Sumatra it didn't work for me. The red vein and the premium bali did wonders for my pain and I would definitely recommend them and I am definitely buying them again. I just would not use the white Sumatra again. But everyone is different and they all work differently for everyone.

  • Jaime
    Variety October 17, 2017

    Very happy with product & shipping time!!

  • Darrin
    Very Fast shipping October 16, 2017

    I'm happy with my order, the quality of the product is supurb , I haven't had a chance to try all the strains but from what I was able to take it's quality and easy to take

  • Jaime
    Variety pack October 14, 2017

    Super happy with my purchase! Delivery was quick too!

  • Kandice
    Variety pack = good value October 14, 2017

    Great way to try different strains and find the right one for you. Very good value.

  • Kathy
    Definitely helps! October 13, 2017

    I suffer from severe anxiety and chronic pain! They help me so much and I would strongly recommend this product to anyone dealing with these sort of medical problems. Thanks PurKratom!

  • Kandice
    Variety pack = good value October 9, 2017

    Good way to try different kinds to find what works best for you. Good variety and excellent pricing.

  • Matthew
    Great Selection & Value October 7, 2017

    I was very excited to see the addition of the Variety Packs. I like to sample as many strains as possible and this new offering fit that desire perfectly. It also provides a terrific value as the discount allowed me to order greater variety than I expected.

  • Meghann
    Great deal! October 6, 2017

    I decided there was so many strands I wanted to try and this was the best deal to save money and get the ones I really want to try. I have had bali and still a big fan. White maeng da is good and I noticed it really boosted my energy. Green maeng da is one of my new favorites. It's the most mild out of all the ones I tried but it really is good for a mood booster and energy. I didn't notice it effecting pain but I like it just to have for my anxiety.

  • Janice
    Jlgraham October 5, 2017

    Love this!!

  • Jordan
    Definitely worth your $ October 2, 2017

    I've taken all sorts of kratom from various sources and to be honest I've found that purkratom provides the most consistent and reliable kratom at an unbeatable price. After researching all of the different kinds, I think it's best to buy a sample pack simply because you don't know how each strain will effect you vs someone else. In my sample pack I got the following items and have found that the Red Vein gives me more energy and focus, Green Maeng Da is more of calming and relaxing effect, and Premium Bali is somewhat in between but seems to help with sleep a bit better.

  • Brian
    Great way to try different strands October 1, 2017

    Discounted products allow you to try various strands without paying full price. Great way to try new stuff.

  • Emily
    Overall good prices September 29, 2017

    I like the fact that you can get a variety pack if you're someone like me who is a beginner to kratom and wants to find the best one that works for you

  • Mark
    Variety Pack have me a 24 hour plan! September 27, 2017

    I tried the variety pack and was quite pleased by the ability to try both the white and the green types of the capsules. I had used the red before to help with pain and sleep at night. After trying the green and white, I now have a plan for 24 hours a day!

  • Daniel
    Great Value September 25, 2017

    Great value with the chance to try 3 different products

  • Dennis
    Highly recommend September 25, 2017

    Super affordable and extremely fast delivery!

  • Letitia
    Tisha September 17, 2017

    Best price and product on internet .. orders always come quick and correct .. I'm definitely very satisfied

  • Mark
    Convenient! September 16, 2017

    Great way to try these capsules!

  • Chris
    Good service September 12, 2017

    I like the white man da wish you could buy more than 50 capsules per bottle

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