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    Tips for Staying Hydrated While Using Kratom

    Traditional medicines have benefits and address the corresponding conditions they are designed to target. The same can be said for natural therapeutic supplements such as kratom. For this plant, one of the lesser-known side effects is kratom dehydration - more on that below. Whether you're a regular consumer of kratom or you have been doing your research before committing, you're probably familiar with the side effects, some of which include lack of appetite, constipation, weight loss, insomnia, and more. Those not informed that dehydration is a secondary impact of this plant will be glad to know...

    The Best Kratom Strains to Help You Focus

    You’re probably heard that pure kratom powder has a variety of potential benefits, such as increased energy and improved mood. But did you know that kratom can also potentially help you focus? It may sound counterintuitive, but kratom users have reported that taking the substance has improved their focusing ability. Between work, school, and family responsibilities, a new energy source that can also help you focus sounds almost too good to be true. Here is what you need to know about kratom and which strain to take to help you focus.  What Is Kratom? Kratom powder...

    Everything You Need to Know About Kratom Pills

    Kratom comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree native to Thailand, the Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia, and the region of Borneo. Kratom has been an important part of the traditional medicine practices in these parts of the world for centuries. The species we now know as kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, is related to the coffee plant and is ingested in one form or another to provide certain benefits and effects. It has been used as an extremely versatile medicinal plant in its native regions, and kratom has now become widely available in the western world. People...

    How to Take Kratom And How Long Between Servings

    If you’ve been exploring the amazing benefits of kratom for a while, it’s possible that sometimes your kratom experience just feels off but you don’t know why. Sometimes the effects aren’t super pronounced, or you might not feel much of anything. If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, know you’re not alone. These are actually common questions about how to take kratom and how long to wait between servings. The great news is that with just a few tweaks to your kratom approach, you’ll be back to having amazing experiences in no time at...

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